My range of ukulele beginners tips and guides.

These are short and sweet tips for new players, but full more detailed guides can be found in my first two ukulele books as linked below.
If you have any other questions or need more advice, just get in touch!


My Ukulele Beginners Books -

My ukulele beginners ebooks - for Kindle / Paperback -

What Ukulele Players Really Want To Know - for Sony, Nook, ePub, PDF etc

More Of What Ukulele Players Really Want To Know - for Sony, Nook, ebub etc

What Ukulele Players Really Want To Know - Barnes and Noble / Nook

VIDEO beginners tips







Rants and sounding off!

Ukulele Myths - the most common misconceptions

Bad Ukulele Advice - everyone is an expert, and there is some terrible advice out there

But we don't have a budget for bands! - the dreaded expectation that you will play for free

Is it acceptable to play this on the ukulele? - a rant against those who want to pigeonhole the uke

The Ukulele is not the happiest instrument in the world - rant on the assumption that all is happy in uke-land

Why do we accept such cheap junk ukuleles - a look at one of the worst examples I have ever seen - inside and out!

But That's Not On The Song Sheet!  - get out of your band rut

Ukulele Bling - the myths about fancy uke finishes

Got A Ukulele GUIDES

So, You are getting your first ukulele?

How much should I spend on a ukulele?

how cheap is a cheap ukulele?

Where to buy a ukulele (for the UK)

Buying online and the great setup myth

How to buy a ukulele

Ukulele History

Tuning the Ukulele

How to hold and strum the ukulele

How much should I practice the ukulele?

What are the ukulele chords?

What do the 4 digits mean on ukulele tabs?

Ukulele strings

How to change ukulele strings

All about ukulele wood

More about ukulele wood

All about ukulele tuning pegs

A look inside friction pegs - with video

Cleaning your ukulele

All about ukulele nuts and saddles

Ukulele sizes

Ukulele intonation

More about ukulele intonation

What is ukulele "action"?

Should I pick or strum the ukulele?

Ukulele shapes

Ukulele buzzes and rattles

How to read ukulele tabs

Sore fingers?

Ukulele pickups and amplification

Growing nails for fingerpicking the uke

What is a K Brand uke?

What do I need to tune my ukulele?

The dreaded E Chord

Advanced Strumming techniques

When should I change my strings?

Wood types and their influence on ukulele sound

What is "low G" tuning?

Do I need a case for my ukulele?

All about humidity

Ukulele finishes

Finger Stretching Exercises

What is re-entrant tuning?

More than four ukulele strings?

To strap or not to strap?

A light touch - tips on avoiding finger aches and pains

Fitting a passive pickup to a ukulele




Rob said...

Many thanks and much gratitude for you taking the time to make this very helpful and comprehensive site.

Barry Maz said...

Thanks Rob - much appreciated

Inès said...

Hi Barry! I recently bought a Makala Dolphin Ukulele, I have no experience whatsoever with playing instruments and I'm quite apprehending because I'll basically be learning by myself all from scratch. My question is...Is it feasible to learn how to play the ukulele all by myself, just viewing tutorial videos and reading Ukulele beginner books? I'm pretty motivated but just wondering if my lack of knowledge and playing skills will prevent me to learn all by myself.

Thank you for your response, I really love this blog.

Barry Maz said...

HI Inès - I know many people who learned solo, but a far better method is to either have some lessons or play in a uke club - playing with other people is the fastest way to improve. Check out the club listings page (link at the top menu) and see if there is one near to you. But otherwise - no its perfectly possible to learn by your self.

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