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20 May 2015

Fitting A Strap Button to A Ukulele

Been meaning to do this video for some time, so here goes. A step by step video guide to fitting a strap button to a ukulele.

Why do this? Because it's easy! I really don't want to get into the pros and cons of straps - it's a pointless debate. I like them. People seem to be scared about doing this - it's really not hard!



  1. Absolutely awesome! Thank you!

  2. Brilliant thanks, didn't realise it was so easy! Completely unrelated - which strings do you have on your Zedro?? I love the Worth Browns when playing at home but I just seem to be drowned out in my uke class by the lovely Noahs and Mainland. I know nothing about strings!

  3. Currently have Seaguar Blue Label fishing line on the Zedro.


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