If you have any queries about playing, buying, starting out with ukulele that this blog has not helped answer, do feel free to contact me at. Available to consider ukulele and accessory reviews as well as press comment related to the instrument.


Got A Ukulele has become one of the largest reference points for truly impartial instrument and product reviews worldwide. My reviews are a mix of instruments I have bought myself or had loaned to me by stores / brands / luthiers. I never review for money or freebies and I tell it like it is.

If you would like one of your instruments featured on the site - get in touch on the email above and I will explain more about how I work.


You may have noticed that the Got A Ukulele site is monetized, and that is to help keep it going. The site though is actually run as a not for profit enterprise.  That is to say that revenue created through ads / affiliate links / donations is put back into items to feature on the website. A portion of the ukuleles are bought by me to feature on the reviews. But that doesn't mean that I am blessed with lots of ukuleles. Those that are bought are then either donated to charity / local schools after review or are sold on and the funds used to source more ukuleles for review. I am not in this to create a huge ukulele collection - I dont have the space! Therefore, one way or another, after they have helped contribute to the articles on the site, they eventually end up going to someone more needy.


I am once again running a yearly festival calendar. During 2016 I considered deleting the whole page because of the few trying to ruin it for the many. I am doing it again, but there will be no shenanigans or moaning. Everyone gets the same sort of billing, and no you can't include photographs or pages of text. If your event is on the same date as another, you get listed on a first come first served basis. And in all cases, my decision on listing is FINAL. (It's that way, or there won't be a festival page..)

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