The famous 'Got A Ukulele Festival Calendar'- one of the biggest listings of global uke events around. These are the gatherings especially for this musical instrument.

Got A Ukulele Festival Calendar
Credit - Clive Butterworth, provided by Dave Cowton at Shrewkfest

In view of recent world events this hardly needs saying but...  health situations can still change from time to time. Events may be cancelled with short notice. I think it is safe to assume you need to check ALL events yourself to see if they are actually happening happening / gone online. 

If you want to be listed on the site - please hit the 'Contact Me' section above and drop me an email. Thanks. This is the ONLY way to be listed.

(Please note - Got A Ukulele is NOT responsible for the accuracy or content of external festival websites or their events! Some events may not have updated their sites from last year at the time of you viewing them, but I am assured they will be!)

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Tropical Winter Ukulele Festival

Where: Vesileppis Centre, Finland
When: January 13-15

Brown County Ukulele Festival

Where: Brown County Inn, Indiana, USA
When: January 20-21
Featuring: TBC


Blue Mountains Ukulele Festival

Where: Carrington Hotel, Katoomba, Australia
When: Feb 10-12
Featuring: TBC


Bracklesham Ukulele Weekends - Isle of Wight

Where: Shanklin Hotel, Isle of Wight, UK
When: March 3-6
Featuring: Phil Doleman, Percy Copley, LunaBarge, Southern Beauty, Matthew Quilliam, Hedge Inspectors

Gaithersburg UkeFest

Where: Pathways Baptist Church, Gaithersburg, MD, USA
When: March 16-18
Featuring: Bob Tigert, Peter Moss, Gracie Terzian, Arden Fujiwara

Melbourne Ukulele Festival

Where: Northcote, Victoria, Australia
When: March 17-19
Featuring: TBC

Ukulele Band Camp

Where: Menucha Retreat, Corbett, OR, USA
When: March 27-31
Featuring: Neal Chin, Danielle Ate The Sandwich, Larry Wyatt, Avery Hill, Matt Weiner, Nova Devonie, Aaron and Nicole Keim


Cardiff Ukulele Festival

Where: Cardiff, Wales
When: April 1
Featuring: TBC

Mandurah Ukulele Festival

Where: Mandjar Square, Mandurah, Australia
When: April 21-23
Featuring: TBC

Bracklesham Ukulele Weekends - Jersey

Where: Merton Hotel, Jersey, UK
When: April 21-24
Featuring: Peter Moss, Paul Mansell, Andrea Cooke and her girls, Opera-lele

Hop n Ukefest

Where: Adventure Brewing, Fredericksburg, VA, USA
When: April 29
Featuring: Cube Root of 8, Dead Parrots, The Anti Janes, Fredericksburg Ukulele Ensemble, Liz Rabson Trio, Carole and Kevin Hearle and Friends, The Uke Guy, Devante Lucas, Jess Kennedy and the Aloha Boys, The Poole Party, Larry Hinkle Ukuleles


Blue Ridge Ukulele Festival

Where: Morganton, North Carolina, USA
When: May 5-7
Featuring: Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer, Christoper Davis-Shannon, Mim, the Dancing Fleas

Hucknall Ukulele Fun-Strum

Where: The Bowman, Nottingham Road, Hucknall, UK
When: May 7
Featuring: Local Uke Groups

Ashokan Uke Fet

Where: Olivebridge, NY, USA
When: May 26-29
Featuring: Steven Espaniola, Gracie Terzian, Eve Goldberg, Ben Hassenger, Neal Chin, Danielle ate the Sandwich


Galway Ukulele Festival

Where: Galway City, Ireland
When: June 16-18
Featuring: Ukulele Simon, Zoë Bestel, Roisin Erskine, The Sneaky Tequilas, Galway Ukers

Grand Northern Ukulele Festival

Where: Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield, UK
When: June 16-18
Featuring: TBC

Mighty Uke Day 13

Where: East Lansing, MI, USA
When: June 23-25
Featuring: Aldrine Guerrero, Heidi and Daniel Ward, Lunongo Legacy Ensemble, Aaron Nakumura, The Corner Laughers, Marlowe, Megan Dooley

Forest Ukulele Retreat

Where: Speech House, Royal Forest of Dean, UK
When: June 30 - July 2
Featuring: Tuition by Phil Doleman, Percy Copley, Samantha Muir, Matt Stead


Bristol Uke Festival

Where: Hen and Chicken, Southville, Bristol
When: July 1
Featuring: Arlo Anwin, Danilo Vignola, The Mighty Lemons, The Mother Pluckers, Big Girl Pants (ex the Pukes), Sad Ken, Uke-a-Lady, Kitty Stewart, The Uke Lifters, Bristol Ukulele Club Band, The Dukes (Didcot), Bristol Ukes, 'Junior Hour' Young Performers.

Ukulele Day at Pembr'uke Castle

Where: Pembroke Castle, Pembroke, Wales
When: July 1
Featuring: Local band showcase, jams and taster sessions

Midwest Uke and Harmonica Camp

Where: North Manchester, IN, USA
When: July 8 -10
Featuring: Ukulenny, Gracie Terzian, Neal Chin, Victoria Vox, Bathiki Kumalo, Cynthia Kinnunen, Andy Wilson, Clarissa Hoffman, Grace van't Hof, Sandy Weltman, Bernadette teaches music

Summer Strum

Where: Junction Pub, St Helens, UK
When: July 14-17
Featuring: Splintered Ukes and more

Hawai'i 'Ukulele Festival

Where: Kapi'olani Park Bandstand, Honolulu
When: July 23
Featuring: TBC


Where: Eastridge Farm, Shrewsbury, UK  
When: July 28-30 
Featuring: Phil Doleman, Opera-lele, AD Cooke Girls, Not Quite Dead Yet, Marc Gallagher, Kennet Delta Cowboys, Matthew Quilliam 



Where: Colwyn Bay, Wales, UK
When: August 11-12
Featuring: Marc Gallagher, Phil Doleman, Jeff Japers

Ukulele Hooley by the Sea

Where: Dun Laoghaire, Ireland
When: August 26-27
Featuring: Del Rey, Phil Doleman, Lava Birds, George Elmes, Fred Goossens, Ukulele Uff Trio, Dublin Ukulele Collective, Ukuhooligans, Ukeristic Congress, RUGS, Ukulele Tuesday, Bangor Ukes, RWC, Andrea Booth, Almost Pi


Yeovil Ukulele Festival

Where: Haselbury Mill, Yeovil, UK
When: September 10

Placer Ukulele Festival

Where: Roseville, CA, USA
When: September 16
Featuring: Dennis Fisher, John Sandoval, Carla Fontanella, Steve Kritzer and more TBC

WEJam The North 

Where: Noelville, Ontario, Canada
When: September 21- 24
Featuring: TBC

Southdowns Ukulele Festival

Where: Waterloo Square, Bognor Regis, UK
When: Sept 22-24
Featuring: Matthew Quilliam, The Mighty Lemons, Only Ukes, The Stevedore Trio

Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival

Where: Torrance Cultural Arts Center, Los Angeles, USA
When: September 22-23
Featuring: Abe Lagrimas, Kalei Gamiao, Corey Fujimoto, Sarah Maisel, Lil Rev, Ukulollo, Ukulenny, Craig Chee, Peter Luongo, Abby Lyons, Jennifer Cabrera, Katie DeNure, Mika Kane, Melanie Kareem, Anthony Stanley, Mitch Chang


Valla Beach Ukulele Camp

Where: Valla Beach Holiday Park, NSW, Australia
When: October 13-15
Featuring: Samantha Muir, Australian Ukulele Orchestra, Blue Gum Blossom Jazz, Chris Waite, Jack n Jel Mac n Wal, Jackie Anifandis, Mama Juju and the Jam Tarts, Snez and Stewart, Wild Women of Anywhere Beach

Reno Ukefest

Where: Nugget Casino, Reno, Nevada, USA
When: October 18-21
Featuring: Daniel Ho, Steven Espaniola, Victoria Vox and Jack Maher, Heidi Swedberg, Daniel Ward, Dani Joy, Perry Stauffer, Viggy K, Ukulollo, Juli Holloman, Dominator, Moses Kamai, Art Hopkins

Bracklesham Ukulele Weekends - Eastbourne

Where: Queens Hotel, Eastbourne, UK
When: October 27-30
Featuring: Matt Hicks, Samantha Muir, Katy Vernon, Zoë Bestel, Mother Ukers, Ukulele Simon, Decibelles


Yorkshire Dales Ukulele Weekender

Where: Settle, UK
When: November 3 - 5
Featuring: Dead Mans Uke, John Archer, Warehouse of Thieves, Phil Doleman, Big Buddy Holly and the Croquettes.

North Tyneside Ukulele Festival

Where: Cullercoats Crescent Club, North Tyneside
When: November 10 -12 
Featuring: Phil Doleman, Percy Copley, Fragile Lucy, Cherry Pickers, George Welch and Christine Jeans

Phillip Island & Bass Coast Ukulele Festival

Where: Phillip Island, Australia
When: November 11 -12



Big House in the North

Where: TBC
When: February 9-11
Featuring: TBC


Bracklesham Ukulele Weekends - Isle of Wight

Where: Shanklin Hotel, Isle of Wight, UK
When: March 1-4
Featuring: Matt Stead, Alex Beds, Matthew Quilliam, Ukulele Simon, Kit Luc, Marc Gallagher, Andy Webster

Melbourne Ukulele Festival

Where: Melbourne, Australia
When: March 15-17
Featuring: TBC


Bracklesham Ukulele Weekends - Jersey

Where: Merton Hotel, Jersey, UK
When: May 17-20
Featuring: Elisabeth Pfeiffer, Percy Copley, Plastic Jeezus, Opera-lele

Ashokan Uke Fest 2024

Where: Olivebridge, NY, USA
When: May 24-27
Featuring: Dani Joy, Perry Stauffer, Lil' Rev, Jiggy with Viggy, Kelle Jolly and Ben Hassenger


Winchester Ukulele Festival 2024

Where: Winchester Rugby Football Club, Winchester, UK
When: June 8
Featuring: Warehouse of Thieves, Phil Doleman, Matt Hicks, Mother Ukers, Hedge Inspectors


Ukulele Festival of Great Britain

When: July 26-28
Where: Cheltenham, UK
Featuring: TBC


Music City Uke Fest (MCUF) 2024

Where: The Factory, Franklin, Tennessee, USA
When: August 1-4
Featuring: Lil' Rev, Dani Joy and Perry Stauffer, Ukulele (Greg) Gent and more

Shrewkfest 2024

Where: Eastridge Farm, Shrewsbury, UK
When: August 2-4
Featuring: Opera-lele, Warehouse of Thieves, Marc Gallagher, Matthew Quilliam, Ukulele Simon, A.D Cooke Girls, Not Quite Dead Yet, The Jockuleles, and more...

Belfast Ukulele Festival

Where: TBC Belfast, Northern Ireland
When: August 23
Featuring: TBC


Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival

Torrance Arts Center, Los Angeles, USA
When: September 20-22
Featuring: TBC



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