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25 Jan 2020

Donner DUC-1 Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

Back this week with another Amazon special, and another ukulele from a brand I have featured before. This is the Donner DUC-1 Concert Ukulele.

Donner DUC-1 Concert Ukulele

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21 Jan 2020

Online Ukulele Shopping, Quality Control and Avoiding Problems

Just a little interlude for you between ukulele reviews. Shopping for ukuleles, online shops, quality control and avoidng problems. Enjoy! (video below!)

Online ukulele shopping

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18 Jan 2020

Peterson Stroboclip HD - REVIEW

Not a ukulele instrument review this week (would be lost in the noise of NAMM posts), but an accessory of the sort that pretty much every ukulele player will have in their gig bag. A clip on tuner. This one is the Peterson Stroboclip HD.

Peterson Stroboclip HD Tuner

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11 Jan 2020

Flight Diana Soundwave Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

I've said it before and I will say it again. I have a lot of respect for any ukulele brand that continues to develop and improve their offerings rather than resting on laurels and taking the easy route. So for that reason I have been really excited to write this review of the brand new Flight Diana Soundwave Tenor ukulele.

Flight Diana Soundwave Tenor Ukulele

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7 Jan 2020

My Top Ten Ukulele Videos of 2019

Was just going back over some YouTube stats for the Got A Ukulele YouTube Channel. And there were some surprises in there.  Which got me thinking.. which were the most watched ukulele videos on the channel last year?

Got A Ukulele YouTube stats

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5 Jan 2020

Alvarez RU22SCE Soprano Ukulele - REVIEW

After a recharging Christmas and New Year Break, Got A Ukulele reviews return for 2020. And it's always pleasing to feature a ukulele brand for the first time, so let's kick off the new decade with the RU22SCE Soprano Ukulele from Alvarez Guitars.

Alvarez RU22SCE Soprano Ukulele

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18 Dec 2019

A Merry Ukulele Christmas

As I hinted in my last review, Got A Ukulele is now taking a very short break for the Christmas holidays in order that I can spend some time with family! The reviews will return in earnest in the first week of 2020!

ukulele christmas

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14 Dec 2019

The Rebel Quark Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

I've been thrilled to be able to look at this ukulele brand for a second time. It's a brand that seems to create a buzz (in a good, non-string way!) wherever it goes. This is the Quark Tenor by The Rebel.

The Rebel Quark Tenor Ukulele
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9 Dec 2019

How The Got A Ukulele Reviews Are Recorded..

This is an article I have long been thinking of writing if I had the time, because it's a question that often comes up. How do I record these videos exactly?

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7 Dec 2019

Flight TUSL-35 Concert Scale Soprano Ukulele - REVIEW

Here's a brand new ukulele model that I have been looking forward to featuring on Got A Ukulele, simply because it's an update option to a ukulele that went on to be one of the most read reviews of 2018. This is the Flight TUSL-35 Concert Scaled Soprano Ukulele.

Flight TUSL-35 Concert Scale Soprano Ukulele

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1 Dec 2019

Kai KTI-700 Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

A first for this brand on Got A Ukulele and one I have been really excited to take a closer look at. This is the Kai KTI-700 Tenor Ukulele.

Kai KTI-700 Tenor Ukulele

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25 Nov 2019

Isuzi EAK-B Baritone Ukulele - REVIEW

I know all too well that I don't feature enough baritone ukuleles on Got A Ukulele. It's not through want of trying, I can assure you as I love them. They just don't seem to come up too much in the requests I get from brands. I'm glad to help redress the balance a bit today with the Isuzi EAK-B Baritone ukulele.

Isuzi EAK-B Baritone Ukulele

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