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22 Apr 2018

Ohana SK-39 Soprano - REVIEW

There is something of a collection of Ohana brand sopranos building on Got A Ukulele now and it's time to look at another new release from the US musical instrument brand - the SK-39 Solid Mahogany Soprano.

Ohana SK39 Ukulele

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8 Apr 2018

Tanglewood Tiare TWT1 Soprano - REVIEW

A return to the Got A Ukulele reviews pages for a British musical instrument brand known to many people. This week we are looking at the Tiare TWT1 Soprano Ukulele from Tanglewood.

Tanglewood TWT1 Ukulele

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1 Apr 2018

Flight TUS50 Travel Soprano - REVIEW

Another look at a musical instrument brand I've featured a couple of times before, but this time something quite different for them. It's part of their new 'travel' series of ukulele, and this one is the TUS50.

Flight Travel Ukulele

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30 Mar 2018

Tiger Hard Ukulele Case - REVIEW

Getting an extra review in this weekend due to the Easter holidays, so today we look at a ukulele case in the form of the 'hard case' from Tiger musical instruments.

Tiger Hard Ukulele Case

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24 Mar 2018

Andy's Ukuleles Lacewood Piccolo - REVIEW

A welcome return to a UK ukulele builder this week, and the maker of a model that turned into one of my most popular musical instrument reviews. That builder is Andy Miles of Andy's Ukuleles and this time we go a bit 'bigger' with one of his Piccolo ukuleles.

Andy's Ukuleles Piccolo

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17 Mar 2018

KM Ukuleles Dreadnought Mahogany Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

This week it's one of those musical instrument reviews that make writing these pages so enjoyable. And that's because it's another hand made ukulele in the form of the KM Ukuleles Dreadnought Concert in mahogany.

KM Ukuleles Dreadnought Concert

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3 Mar 2018

Cort UKE-BWC-OP Blackwood Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

Another first for a brand on the Got A Ukulele pages, although actually a musical instrument brand I have known for many years through their guitars. This week I am looking at the somewhat clumsily named UKE-BWC-OP Blackwood Concert Ukulele from Cort Guitars.

Cort UKE-BWC Ukulele

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25 Feb 2018

Shure Motiv MV88 iOS Stereo Condenser Microphone - REVIEW

Something rather different on Got A Ukulele this week, but a device that I think will be of interest to a great many uke and musical instrument players out there. This week we look at a small condenser microphone for iOS devices in the form of the Shure MV88.

Shure MV88 Microphone - Got A Ukulele

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18 Feb 2018

Eddy Finn EF-MOON Ukulele - REVIEW

Another first for a ukulele brand I have known for many years, but not managed to feature on the website until now. I'm pleased to welcome Eddy Finn musical instruments to Got A Ukulele with one of their new offerings - the EF-MOON Ukulele.

Eddy Finn EF-MOON Ukulele

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10 Feb 2018

Kamaka HF-1 Standard Soprano Ukulele - REVIEW

It's been a long while coming, and it's a revered musical instrument brand name I am regularly asked to feature on Got A Ukulele. Several years in and we got there at last with Kamaka. So this week I am looking at their HF-1 'Standard' (Soprano) Ukulele.

Kamaka HF-1 Standard Ukulele

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4 Feb 2018

Seagull Uke Steel SG Burst EQ Electro Soprano - REVIEW

A somewhat unusual review for Got A Ukulele this week, but a musical instrument I have been looking forward to playing. It's the Uke Steel from Seagull guitars, or to give it it's more cumbersome, full name, the 'Seagull Uke Steel SG burst EQ Electro Acoustic Soprano Ukulele'.

Seagull Uke Steel Ukulele

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28 Jan 2018

Tanglewood TWT 13E Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

I'm always pleased to feature a musical instrument brand I have known for some time on the ukulele reviews page, but haven't had chance to before. This week that honour goes to Tanglewood guitars and a model from their new range of 'Tiare' instruments, the TWT13E Electro Concert Ukulele.

Tanglewood TWT13E Ukulele

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