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19 Oct 2019

Breedlove Lu'au Concert Ukulele Ghost Burst E ukulele - REVIEW

It's always nice when I feature a ukulele brand for the first time on Got A Ukulele, and even nicer when it's a brand I've respected in musical instruments for many years. This is the Breedlove Lu'au Ghost Burst E Concert ukulele.

Breedlove Lu'au Ukulele

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15 Oct 2019

Inside Some More Ukuleles

Tinkering with the borescope today to get a feel for taking pictures inside some more ukuleles. Here's a selection I have previously reviewed.

If you missed that article - have a look here to learn more about the borescope...
These were taken through the sound hole and are in the right orientation - i.e that the top of the picture is the underside of the top of the ukulele looking towards the bridge plate and tail. Due to the design of the camera it seems tricky to get a good shot of top bracing as it's too close to the camera, but you can see the back, linings, tail blocks etc.  I think you should be able to click on these to enlarge them. Not the greatest image quality but they do the job.

First up, this is the DJ Morgan Mini Pineapple Ukulele which I reviewed in 2017. For this one the camera was slightly offset through the similarly offset sound hole. A tidy build and nice to see that Dave signs his name on the bridge plate - I had no idea that was there! The black piece in the tail block is the removeable strap pin that Dave fits to these - for the simple reason that the way it is constructed, he has to attach the neck through a hole in the base (there is no standard sound hole!). Note also the transverse brace piece rather than a lateral one on this ukulele.
Inside DJ Morgan Mini Pineapple Ukulele

Next up, another from my personal collection. This is the Rob Collins 'Tinguitar' Reclaimed Mahogany Soprano ukulele reviewed in 2017. Another example of a ukulele that is as tidy inside as it is out.
Inside Rob Collins Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

Next is another luthier build and my KM Ukuleles Dreadnought ukulele built by Kevin Mulcock. This is uber tidy inside and really interesting to see that v-shaped brace behind the bridge plate - not seen one of those before. Kev also signs his like Dave Morgan does and the piece you see in the tail block is a strap button made from Pear wood. Nice.

inside KM ukulele

This next shot is inside a very early review model - my wife's Pono MHC Pro Classic Concert Ukulele from back in 2011. This is very tidy inside too as you would expect from Pono. Particularly interesting to note the shaped tail block. The dot you can see in the middle of it is the strap button screw (fitted by me) poking through!
Inside Pono MHC Pro Classic Ukulele

And I had to give you a howler didn't I? Let's look inside the Gear4Music soprano ukulele reviewed earlier next year. This one scares me. You may first be drawn to the screws holding the bridge down. Actually, that's not all that unusual, and not just on cheap ukuleles either. I'm more concerned at the dubious staining that looks like somebody's cat has used it as a litter tray, the lack of linings or bracing and the tail block that looks like it was sawn off a piece of rough timber. Ugh...
Inside Gear4Music soprano ukulele

So there you are. Hopefully I will feature more innards in future reviews too. Why not?


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14 Oct 2019

A New Weapon in the Got A Ukulele Reviews Armoury!

Here's a little ukulele interlude for you, to show you a new toy that I may be using to help the uke reviews in future.

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13 Oct 2019

Bonanza Saguaro Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

It's that man again... Or rather it's that ukulele brand again. It's another Bonanza ukulele built by Pete Mai in Minnesota USA. Their newest model - the Saguaro Tenor ukulele.

Bonanza Saguaro Tenor Ukulele

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9 Oct 2019

A Big Got A Ukulele Thank You!

A slight diversion from the ukulele reviews for this post, but there is something I want to shout about! Good things in the ukulele world!

fixed kanile'a ukulele

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6 Oct 2019

Freshman UKLMAPLEC Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

This week it is back to a ukulele brand that, until fairly recently, were new to me. But it's a brand I am increasingly seeing being carried by specialist ukulele stores (a good sign). This time it's the Freshman UKLMAPLEC Concert Ukulele.

Freshman UKLMAPLEC Concert Ukulele

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21 Sep 2019

Islander MS-4 Soprano Ukulele - REVIEW

What could be more stereotypical Hawaiian than a ukulele brand called 'Islander'? This week I am looking at the Islander MS-4 Soprano.

Islander MS-4 Soprano Ukulele

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15 Sep 2019

Vangoa Mahogany Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

Pressing on with another ukulele review and after the 'unusual' instrument of last week, we now return to more familar ukulele territory. The Vangoa Mahogany Concert.

Vangoa Mahogany Concert Ukulele

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9 Sep 2019

Enya Nova U Carbon Travel Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

If my sneek peek photographs of this ukulele are anything to go by, this one could be one of the most anticipated ukulele reviews I have undertaken. Say hello to the Enya Nova U Carbon Fibre Travel Ukulele. I think this is also the FIRST independent look at the Nova there is. You read it here first!!

Enya Nova U Concert Ukulele

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31 Aug 2019

Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

After my short break the ukulele reviews are back, this week with a well known brand. This is the Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele.

Codoba 15CM Ukulele

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12 Aug 2019

Takamine EGU-C1 Electro Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

Here we go.. Another guitar brand that feels duty bound to jump on the ukulele bandwagon and put one out in their name... In my experience it rarely ends well, and so it is with some trepidation I approach a ukulele from a guitar brand I am rather fond of. The Takamine EGU-C1 electro acoustic concert ukulele.

takamine egu-c1 concert ukulele

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4 Aug 2019

Kala Novelty Series KA-WTML Watermelon Soprano Ukulele - REVIEW

It's ukulele review day and back with, perhaps, one of the most well known ukulele brands worldwide. It's been a while, but Kala are back with one of their Novelty Series ukes - The KA-WTML Watermelon Soprano.

Kala Novely Watermelon Soprano Ukulele

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