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16 Feb 2019

Mr Mai MD-T Cutaway Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

It's always good to get a new brand for my shores on Got A Ukulele, and this one is hot off the presses as it were. The Mr Mai MD-T Cutaway Tenor.

Mr Mai MD-T Tenor Ukulele

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3 Feb 2019

Bohemian Guitars Electric Soprano Ukulele - REVIEW

Something quite different this week on the Got A Ukulele reviews bench, although due to heavy marketing, it's likely to be a model you have seen lots of before. This is the 'oil can' electric soprano ukulele from Bohemian Guitars.

Bohemian Electric Soprano Ukulele

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27 Jan 2019

Klos Guitars Carbon Fiber Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

Well, late 2018 and early 2019 seems to be a period of Got A Ukulele featuring instruments that have been creating quite the buzz in the ukulele world pre-release. And so it is with this weeks review of the Klos Guitars Carbon Fibre Tenor Ukulele.

Klos Carbon Fibre Tenor Ukulele

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19 Jan 2019

Shima JS ' Jake Shimabukuro' Wideneck Soprano Ukulele - REVIEW

Next up on Got A Ukulele reviews and and instrument that caused quite a stir when it was announced. The Shima JS  Wideneck Soprano.

Shima JS Wideneck Soprano Ukulele

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13 Jan 2019

Epiphone Hummingbird Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

It's not often ukulele reviews make me nervous, but today I find myself looking at another ukulele from Epiphone. This time in the form of their brand new Hummingbird Tenor ukulele. Hold on to your hats folks.. this could be a long one.

Epiphone Hummingbird Tenor Ukulele

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29 Dec 2018

Enya EUT-M6 Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

Here we are with the last ukulele review of 2018 on Got A Ukulele, and it's nice to see a return to a brand that caused quite a bit of a buzz when I first featured them. This is the Enya EUT-M6 Tenor Ukulele.

Enya EUT-M6 Tenor Ukulele

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23 Dec 2018

Duke DUBVB Baritone Ukulele - REVIEW

Regular readers of Got A Ukulele will know I am passionate about steering shoppers towards true specialist ukulele dealers. And it's always nice when one of those dealers chooses to put out their own model of ukulele. Say hello to the Duke DUBVB Vintage Burst Baritone.

Duke DUBVB Baritone Ukulele

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15 Dec 2018

APC / Antonio Carvalho SS Soprano Ukulele - REVIEW

Another first for Got A Ukulele with a European brand not featured before. This is the SS model Soprano from APC instruments of Portugal.

APC Carvalho SS Soprano Ukulele

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9 Dec 2018

Gretsch G9110 Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

Well here's another ukulele brand that had long been absent from the Got A Ukulele pages. About time I featured a Gretsch and this one is their G9110 Concert Ukulele.

Gretsch G9110 Ukulele

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1 Dec 2018

Fender Zuma Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

Call me a glutton for uke punishment, but I felt it was only fair to take a look at a third ukulele from the Fender brand as part of their new California Beach series. This time it's the Fender Zuma Concert Ukulele.

Fender Zuma Ukulele

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24 Nov 2018

Clearwater UCW7R/PU Roundback Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

Something of a revisit I didn't expect to make this week. This time it's Clearwater ukuleles again but this time with their roundback concert scale ukulele.

Clearwater roundback concert ukulele

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18 Nov 2018

Lanikai ACST-CET Tenor Ukulele - Review

A long overdue return for Lanikai this week on Got A Ukulele. This is their ACST-CET Tenor ukulele.

Lanikai ACST-CET Tenor Ukulele

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