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16 May 2021

Ortega Horizon Series RUHZ-MM Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

Back this week with Ortega Ukuleles, a brand with a dizzying number of instruments in their lineup. Last time it was the traditional with their archtop jazzbox, this time the more modern with the RUHZ-MM Concert Ukulele.

Ortega RUHZ-MM Concert Ukulele

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8 May 2021

Hamano U30 Soprano Ukulele - REVIEW

From the sublime last week to the... well, let's not judge this ukulele just yet.. This is the Hamano U30 Soprano Ukulele.

Hamano U30 Soprano Ukulele

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2 May 2021

Flight A10 QM Aqua Blue Anniversary Series Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

Something rather special and limited on the ukulele review bench this week. Today I am looking at the A10 QM Aqua Blue Tenor in the Flight Anniversary Series.

Flight A10 QM Tenor Ukulele

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25 Apr 2021

Barnes and Mullins BMUK5C Concert - REVIEW

Here's a return for a ukulele brand I have not looked at for a few years. This is the Barnes and Mullins BMUK5C Concert Ukulele.

Barnes Mullins BMUK5C Concert Ukulele

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18 Apr 2021

Bonanza Wood and HPL Combo Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

Back again this week with another review of a Bonanza Ukulele. This time i'm looking at the wood and HPL 'combo' concert.

Bonanza Combo Concert Ukulele

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10 Apr 2021

Enya Feather Solid Mahogany Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

Back again with a brand that always seem to put a smile on my face. This is the much talked about Feather Solid Mahogany Tenor from Enya.

Enya Feather Mahogany Tenor Ukulele

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3 Apr 2021

TkiTki HKT Hawaiian Koa Tenor - REVIEW

It's nice to get a new brand on Got A Ukulele and one that I knew literally nothing about beforehand. This week we hop over to Japan and the TkiTki HKT Hawaiian Koa Tenor.

TkiTki HKT Koa Tenor Ukulele

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27 Mar 2021

Ortega RUSL-HSB Archtop Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

You wait years for your first archtop ukulele review and then another comes along the week after... This is the Ortega RUSL-HSB Concert.

Ortega RUSL-HSB Concert Ukulele

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21 Mar 2021

Kala KA-JTE 2TS Archtop Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

It's ukulele review day, and Got A Ukulele returns to show it absolutely has it's finger on the pulse of new developments in uke-dom. Not really.... this was first released in the late 2000's... It's the Kala KA-JTE 2TS Archtop Tenor.

Kala KA-JTE-2TS Archtop Ukulele

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18 Mar 2021

The Top Ten Most Watched Got A Ukulele Review Videos of All Time - at date of writing of course

I'm never a huge fan of top ten lists on websites. They go out of date immediately, and they are usually used by shilling websites to promote Amazon clicks and not much more.. 'Ten Best Sopranos!' 'Ten Best Ukes for Kids!'... You get the idea... Anyway, I was looking at YouTube stats for the Got A Ukulele channel and worked out the ten most watched ukulele review videos i've made.

ukulele reviews top 10

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13 Mar 2021

aNueNue UC10 Color Series Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

And now on Got A Ukulele (as the TV show said) for something completely different. Say hello to the new aNueNue UC10 Color Series Concert Ukulele.

aNueNue UC10 Color Concert Ukulele

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6 Mar 2021

Octopus UK215C Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

This week it's a ukulele name that took me right back to some of the earlier reviews on Got A Ukulele. I had always hoped they would move to this scale and they have. This is the Octopus UK215C Concert.

Octopus UK215C Concert Ukulele

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4 Mar 2021

Impartiality of Ukulele Reviews and the dreaded talk of money...

Just posting this here for reference. I have blogged on this topic before, but there you go. Impartiality of reviews and the subject of money and funding.

ukulele reviews funding

I put this up 'under the radar' on YouTube last night as not an easy subject to go with. But the responses were lovely, so sharing it here. As I say, have talked about this before, but I was prompted to re-iterate the impartiality point for a few reasons.. namely.....

1. One too many comments in last couple of weeks suggesting I live in a house with hundreds (if not more) free ukuleles. I don't...

2. An increase in discussions online about brands that give free ukes away in return for favourable reviews. I got involved in one such discussion and one of the brands (who shall remain nameless, but we all know the sort they are) private messaged me to say they were not happy. Not happy? Try NOT giving product away in return for reviews!! These brands will never get on the site that way and if I review one I will have bought it. Yet... seems I am guilty by association.. This is what the concept does. It makes people suspicious of ANY review. Yay.. thanks for that...

3. A comment, not aimed at me or even on a post of mine, but by a person who had taken flak for reviewing a said 'free uke' who responded with 'Baz gets free ukes all the time'. No, no, I don't... Please don't lump me in with that crowd.

The comments on the video when it went up were very kind, and yes I should rise above (and no, it's not getting me down!!) - but... it still needs to be repeated because it's important.

Also - most importantly, wanted to say a BIG thanks to the people who DO help fund the site and keep it going - and they are nothing to with the brands - the readers!

Anyway - here you go... THANK YOU!


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3 Mar 2021

Ukulele Effects - a Got A Ukulele guide

Following on from my push to feature more ukulele accessories on the site, and the recent (ish) review of an amplifier, this got me thinking about another very common question I get from electric ukulele players (or the electro curious). What effects pedals do you recommend?

ukulele effects pedal board

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28 Feb 2021

Maestro UT-MR Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

A first for this brand on the Got A Ukulele reviews, and one I have been itching to write about since it arrived. This is the Maestro UT-MR Tenor ukulele.

Maestro UT-MR Tenor Ukulele

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