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6 Apr 2024

Córdoba 24C Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

Back again with a ukulele brand that has been around for the long haul now. This is the Córdoba Concert 24C ukulele.

Cordoba 24C Concert Ukulele

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31 Mar 2024

Martin Beck Spruce and Mahogany Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

A ukulele hop back over to North America, and once again I am blessed to look at something from this Canadian Luthier. This is a Martin Beck Spruce and Mahogany Concert Ukulele.

Martin Beck Spruce Mahogany Concert Ukulele

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24 Mar 2024

Snail UKC-470 Quilted Ash Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

Back this week with a ukulele from a brand that has grown to be extremely popular in the uke world. This is the Snail UKC-470 Quilted Ash Concert.

Snail UKC-470 Concert Ukulele

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17 Mar 2024

Emerald Synergy Uke Harp Ukulele - REVIEW

Well it IS St Patrick's Day after all! With this weeks ukulele we hop over to Ireland to look at the 'Synergy Uke' Harp Ukulele from Emerald Guitars. Hold on to your hats.. there's a lot to get through here!

Synergy Uke Harp Ukulele

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10 Mar 2024

Ibanez AUT10 Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

A ukulele review this week for those people who like design cues that are out of the ordinary. This is the new Ibanez AUT10 Tenor Ukulele.

Ibanez AUT10 Tenor Ukulele

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25 Feb 2024

Caravelle Kitchen Jazz Manouche Elite Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

It's always nice to get a ukulele brand that surprised me out of the blue back on the site with another offering. This is the Caravelle Kitchen Jazz Manouche Concert Elite Ukulele.

Caravelle Kitchen Jazz Manouche Concert Ukulele

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11 Feb 2024

Kala KA-CT-SA-BG Contour Baritone Ukulele - REVIEW

It's not often I look at two ukuleles from the same series, but with my desire to give more exposure to baritone ukes on this site, when the invitation to borrow this one from Kala came along, I couldn't say no. This is the Kala KA-CT-SA-BG Baritone from their new 'Contour Series'.

Kala KA-CT-SA-BG Contour Baritone Ukulele

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4 Feb 2024

Enya EUT-MAD Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

Another much featured ukulele brand on Got A Ukulele this week. And i'm not entirely sure why I haven't gotten around to reviewing this one before now. This is the Enya EUT-MAD Tenor Ukulele.

Enya EUT-MAD Tenor Ukulele

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28 Jan 2024

Noah Mahogany Soprano Ukulele - 2024 edition - REVIEW

A welcome return for a ukulele brand that i've looked at regularly and going back to 2013. This is the 2024 re-booted Noah Mahogany Soprano Ukulele.

Noah 2024 Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

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21 Jan 2024

aNueNue UC-110 Green Bird Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

A ukulele brand I always enjoy looking at this week, with another variation on their highly popular theme. This is the new aNueNue UC-110 'Green Bird' Concert ukulele.

aNueNue UC-110 Green Bird Concert Ukulele

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14 Jan 2024

Kala CT-SMH-TG Contour Series Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

Now and again a ukulele series comes along that makes me think 'ooh, that goes beyond the norm for that brand'.. This one did that with me. This is the Kala CT-SMH-TG Tenor from their new Contour Series of ukuleles.

Kala CT-SMH-TG Contour Series Tenor Ukulele

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13 Jan 2024

LEGO Tropical Ukulele 31156 - REVIEW

Just a bit of a giggle for you between the actual ukulele reviews. This is the LEGO Tropical Ukulele...

LEGO Tropical Ukulele

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7 Jan 2024

Snail UKC-380 Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

It's 2024 and Got A Ukulele returns with a brand much featured here and well liked. This is the Snail UKC-380 Concert Ukulele.

Snail UKC-380 Concert Ukulele

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24 Dec 2023

Flight 4SB Sammy Turton Signature Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

It’s the final Got A Ukulele review of 2023 and I close with a model that his been requested a LOT in recent months. This is the Flight 4SB Sammy Turton signature Tenor Ukulele.

Flight 4SB Tenor Ukulele

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17 Dec 2023

Kala NSL-KOA-T Revelator Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

Here's a ukulele I have been hoping to feature (one way or another) for quite some time now. This is the Kala Revelator Tenor Ukulele.

Kala Koa Revelator Tenor Ukulele

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10 Dec 2023

Caravelle Kitchen Monoxyl Mezzo Soprano Ukulele - REVIEW

It's time for another first outing on Got A Ukulele for an independent ukulele builder. This is the intriguing Monoxyl Mezzo Soprano ukulele from Caravelle Kitchen.

Caravelle Kitchen Monoxyl Mezzo Soprano Ukulele

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3 Dec 2023

Flight Aurora EQ-A Baritone Ukulele - REVIEW

Back once again with a ukulele brand that regularly appears on this site - this is the Flight Aurora EQ-A Baritone Ukulele.

Flight Aurora EQ-A Baritone Ukulele

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26 Nov 2023

Brogärde Tenor Boatpaddle Ukulele - REVIEW

After a slew of more common ukuleles on Got A Ukulele it's always nice to feature something brand new to me and rather different. And that is certainly the case with this Boatpaddle Tenor Ukulele from Brogärde Instrument in Sweden.

Brogärde Tenor Boatpaddle Ukulele

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19 Nov 2023

Rosen K11 Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

Time for another check in to the ukuleles on offer on Amazon. This is the Rosen K11 Tenor Ukulele.

Rosen K11 Tenor Ukulele

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18 Nov 2023

Got A Ukulele nominated in the 'Ukies' - Vote NOW!

Delighted to see that Got A Ukulele and me, Barry, have been nominated in a few categories of the finals of the 'Ukies' awards!

Anarchy in the Ukulele

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