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29 Nov 2020

Noah Rosewood Spruce Concert Ukulele - 2020 model - REVIEW

A welcome return for a homegrown brand that I've always enjoyed looking at. This is the brand new, revamped Rosewood Spruce Concert from Noah Ukuleles.

Noah Rosewood Spruce Concert Ukulele

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22 Nov 2020

Kanile'a - Southern Ukulele Store Manakō-T Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

Back to the higher end of the ukulele market this week and, in what is becoming a trend, another 'store's own' model. This is the Kanile'a Manakō-T Tenor, exclusive to Southern Ukulele Store in the UK.

Kanile'a Manako-T Tenor Ukulele

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15 Nov 2020

Horse HUK-23 Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

It's another Amazon only special for you this time. This week I am looking at the Horse HUK-23 Concert Ukulele.

Horse HUK-23 Concert Ukulele

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8 Nov 2020

Eastman EU3T Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

This week it's a welcome return to a uke brand that ticked most of the right boxes for me in the soprano scale. This is the Eastman EU3T Tenor ukulele

Eastman EU3T Tenor Ukulele

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4 Nov 2020

Enya Nova U Mini Soprano Ukulele - REVIEW

Something of a bonus mid-week ukulele review for you today, simply because I am getting so over-run with instruments in the office! This is the new Soprano 'Mini' version of the Enya Nova U Ukulele!

Enya Nova U Mini Soprano Ukulele

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1 Nov 2020

Kala KA-TGE Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

Back to one of the most common brands seen in ukulele circles and one I have featured many times before. This is also a long established model in itself. It's the Kala KA-TGE Tenor.

Kala KA-TGE Tenor Ukulele

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25 Oct 2020

Enya EUC-MS Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

There's been a fair few Enya brand ukuleles on the Got A Ukulele reviews, and it must be said, most have been 'away from the norm'. Plastic ukes, HPL ukes.. But this week we go back to something far more traditional with the new EUC-MS Concert.

Enya EUC-MS Concert Ukulele

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18 Oct 2020

Interview with Alex Beds of Southern Ukulele Store

Not a regular post as such, but putting it here for posterity so I can find it easily. I was recently delighted to do an interview with Alex from Southern Ukulele Store in the UK in which we chew the fat on ukes generally and my review process.

Interview with Southern Ukulele Store

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aNueNue Lion Orange UT Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

I'm delighted to bring this ukulele brand back to the reviews page as they have done nothing but impress me with their last few models. This is a uke with bedazzling looks. It's the Lion Orange UT from aNueNue. 

aNueNue Lion Orange UT Ukulele

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11 Oct 2020

Ovation Celebrity UCS10P KOAE Soprano - REVIEW

Here's a ukulele model that has floated about in various similar guises since I started playing ukulele, but never quite made it to the site. This is the UCS10P KOAE Soprano from Ovation Guitars.

Ovation UCS10p Soprano Ukulele

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4 Oct 2020

Kanile'a SUS-T Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

Back in 2011 I bought my first truly serious ukulele - the Kanile'a K-1 Tenor. It was flawless, I still own it and adore it. It's been a long time coming to get to feature the brand again, but it finally happened. This is the SUS-T Tenor from Kanile'a.

Kanile'a SUS-T Tenor Ukulele

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28 Sept 2020

Got A Ukulele Beginners Tips - Oiling a Fretboard

Following a ukulele review I recently wrote about a uke with a horribly dry fretboard, I was asked in a comment for advice on oiling a fretboard. I realised I didn't have that guide in my beginners page, so figured it was time to set that right 

And it's about time because this is a subject I see talked about an awful lot, and I'm afraid to say that a lot of the advice is questionable and, if followed literally, capable of damaging your instrument! Here's an example of a bad one...

ukulele fretboard without oil

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27 Sept 2020

Harley Benton Kahuna CLU-42C Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

I really like ukuleles (and reviews for that matter) that have the capacity to cause people to do a 'double take'. As you will discover I think this falls firmly into that category. This week I am looking at the Kahuna CLU-42C Concert ukulele from Harley Benton.

Harley Benton Kahuna CLU-42C ukulele

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20 Sept 2020

Forest Ukuleles FUZZ-S Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

A couple of ukulele reviews ago I mentioned how I liked seeing 'house brand' ukuleles. When a shop has an interest in putting their name to something, it's unlikely they should do a shabby job. Like buses, another one comes along in quick succession. This is the brand new FUZZ-S Tenor from Forest Ukuleles at The Uke Room.

Forest Ukuleles FUZZ-S Tenor
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13 Sept 2020

Flight Fireball EQ-A Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

It sometimes seems like I need to calm down with the number of Flight Ukuleles appearing on the reviews page, but here is another one for you This is the new Fireball EQ-A Tenor Ukulele.

Flight Fireball Tenor Ukulele

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