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So why post these articles?

Well, these are where I take to the blog to set records straight, combat myths about this musical instrument that are endlessly repeated and generally de-bunk much of the rubbish that is offered to beginners as 'sound advice' but is often anything but.  I think it's important that I use the blog to correct the most common false claims and poor advice out there. My advice? Be VERY careful who you listen to!!

(Why are some people quick to dish out terrible wisdom to new players? It drives me mad!)


Ukulele Myths - the most commonly shared misconceptions you will find online

Bad Ukulele Advice - everyone is an expert these days, and there is some terrible advice out there, and yet more misconceptions.

The Ukulele is not the happiest instrument in the world -  the assumption that all is happy in use-land and people being less than friendly and happy if you dare say it isn't..

The Day Ukulele Players Died - a Sad history of social media ukulele communities gone bad.

Stop telling beginners that the ukulele is easy!! The media buzzword - the 'easy' word - for many it's not actually true.

Why I don't really get the concept of UAS - the oddity of collecting ukuleles for the sake of it

The Magic Ukulele Problem - the oddity of those who think that the ukulele is magical - when actually it is 'music' that holds the magic.

Trying To Put The 'Easy Ukulele' Myth To Bed Once And For All - now with added statistics!

Can We Have More Ukulele Content Please? - on the slow sink to mediocrity amongst ukulele websites..

On People Who Get Offended By Ukulele Reviews - seriously, they are just opinions...

On The Never Ending Argument Over How to Pronounce 'Ukulele' - please make it stop!

It's not all Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii you know...

Ukulele Festival Overload?

On the Ukulele Versus Guitar Debates - pointless and unhelpful as they are.

A Word Of Support For The Humble Soprano - no, it's not a poor mans ukulele..

Please Be Mindful Of Your Advice on Air Travel With Ukes - it's NOT the same everywhere.

Why Are You Keeping Your Ukulele Like A Museum Piece?

On the Death of Impartial Ukulele Reviews - beware the paid reviews!

The Trials of Being Schrödinger's Ukulele Reviewer -  Being told I am 'on the payroll' whilst also only ever being negative..

UKULELE EQUIPMENT AND BUYING (Strings, woods, straps, picks...)

The Cosmic Ukulele Strap debate - attention - it IS acceptable to use a strap - ignore the haters!

Why do we accept such cheap junk ukuleles - a look at one of the worst examples I have ever seen - inside and out!

Ukulele Bling - the myths about fancy uke finishes and marketing ploys

Snake Oil!  - some people will buy anything (more marketing ploys)

Debunking the nonsense about using plectrums and picks - like straps - it's perfectly acceptable to pick if you want to!

Dealers - a little more honesty in your sales descriptions please! - on the common practice of misleading sales descriptions

The myth that all laminate ukes are bad and all solid woods are great.. - I'd take a good laminate over a bad solid wood instrument every day of the week.

The Problem with 'Over Built' Ukuleles - The cheap, heavy, dead sounding ukulele curse

On String Changing Opinions... Discussing the odd practice of arguing over which string is best for other people despite not knowing the other person or their ukulele, or the style, or their tastes....

Why The Fear Of Changing Strings? - really - there is no need.

Choose Your Ukulele Dealer Carefully - and why I urge caution with some!

Why Choosing A Ukulele Based on Ability to Hold Tune Is Wrong - it's all about things that are adjustable!

A little imagination in your headstock designs please - why does everything need to look like a Martin?


But we don't have a budget for bands! - the dreaded expectation that you must play for free

Is it acceptable to play this on the ukulele? - a rant against those who want to pigeonhole the uke to a single style

But That's Not On The Song Sheet!  - get out of your band rut - explore!

On Ukulele Strumming Patterns - no need to be so rigid in your practice!

The Ukulele Busker, David Cameron and The Madness of The Ukulele Community

It's OK to have individual ukulele tastes! - Just because we play the ukulele doesn't mean we all have to like the same stuff!

Don't avoid using that forefinger! - Break free from your capo!

A High Five for ukulele players who do things their way - A shout to those who don't play by the established rules.


  1. Play what suits your and style and likes and vary your style when it suits you if you like! The Uker's axiom.

  2. But please don't hold down 3 strings with your thumb!------ Yes, you know who you are!
    Keep it on the back of the neck lest early death might ensue!

  3. Trouble is Clive - guitar players like Richie Havens did that - worked for him..

  4. I would like some advice if possible. I have recently purchased a fluke firefly banjo ukelele but am having difficulty in tuning it to the key of D. the first three strings are fine but when I try to tune the fourth string to "B" it keeps breaking at the tail piece. I have been using Aquila strings. several of the "A" strings have broken when I have to tune them to "B." Is this because Aquila strings are not suitable for this one note higher tuning ? Or do you think there may be something faulty with the slot in the tail-piece that takes the string ? I would be grateful for your help'

  5. Mike - personally I would have thought most ukuleles should be able to take D tuning perfectly easily. I am also fairly sure I tuned my Firefly up to D a few times when I owned it. I would take a look at the tailpiece under a microscope - with banjos if there are any rough or sharp edges on the channel that takes that string it will easily cut it. It's easy to fix with with a small needle file to smooth it down - look at the edge where the string passes around the edge of it.

  6. Thank you very much for your help it is very much appreciated. I will try as you suggest. Thanks again.

  7. The little Uke is a much under appreciated instrument. OK, it only has 4 strings, but others do too. Like everything else, it comes down to mainstream media and how they have portrayed the instrument in the past. Like: It is OK and even manditory to have a ukulele at the beach. (Especially if Frankie and Annette are there.) And my fav: You need to be Hawaiian or be at a barbecue before you can bring a Uke along. If you wanna amaze people, learn some Lennon and McCartney songs on your uke. Finally: Don't "Learn to play a ukelele", Learn to play music on your ukelele.

  8. “Local” or regional brands that are selling “authentic” mass-produced Imports with their name stamped on them at a premium price. They usually have some nice nostalgic origin story. Websites are light on the specs that are important — only quotes the overall instrument length, no mention of what the scale length is, string spacing, if the fretboard is flat or radiused, and don’t bother with inexpensive but useful things like side fret markers.

    Still clearly a lifestyle marketing product. We already have lots like Kala that have been around for a while;, we don’t need more knockoffs that found another bay or cove on a popular Hawaiian island to name their brand after.

    They also heavily upsell on cheap tuners, capos, felt picks, gigbags that you might get from a brand like Enya (which doesn’t hide that it’s a Chinese brand) for free.

    Not naming any names… but there’s very few boutique British, Canadian, or US made brands that are under a few 100 that aren’t just a custom branded Asian ukulele. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but you’re paying a premium for that story.


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