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7 Feb 2015

Adjusting Ukulele Setup and the Impact on Intonation

A few people asked for me to expand on the topic of ukulele setup, so thought I would put it down in a video.

All about adjusting the setup of the ukulele to improve playability and tuning accuracy. Don't be afraid to adjust things - they are designed to be adjusted!



  1. Good jo, Barry. I learned by watching a lot of video. I adjusted the saddle firt, but in the en I have to file the nut down a bit. I did it very carefully, a little bit at a time, with a very small round file. It was also on a very cheap Ukulele, o if I screwed up, I would not be so mad at myself.

  2. thanks, good video. I've got a problem just started recently with my Lanikai tenor, the "c" string gets a bit of buzz some days and not others or part of a day etc. only the one string. any suggestions ?? .. I know it's hard , not seeing or hearing it.

  3. Blackjack - I would say low action at the bridge or nut generally. The C is naturally a thicker string than others in regular tuning, so it's that bit closer to the frets than the others. So it can happen. Certainly lifting the bridge a touch will remove it -but it could be a defective string - I would change them before doing anything else - how old are the strings? They don't last forever!

  4. Really useful video, that - thank you.

  5. I finally had a blast at this pretty much as a direct result of your video. So much easier than I thought it would be. I did find it quite difficult keeping the saddle flat, or should I say sanding it completely flat. I felt like I had a good grip on it with pressure distributed quite evenly but upon checking it I'd sanded at a slight angle and had to fix that.


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