Uke Leash Competition - THE RESULT

3 Sept 2012

Uke Leash Competition - THE RESULT

Thanks so much to the massive number of entries to my competition to win a Uke Leash straps plus some ukulele books - quite a staggering number of entries!

In the competition I asked you to tell me how many colours the Polypro version of the guitar style strap came in. I really didn't mean it to be a trick question, and I thought it was straightforward, but I really did get a wild range of answers!  The correct answer is four colours, and you can find those on the options on this page. Well done to those who got it right (which was the majority by the way!)

The correct answers have been put into a hat shaped receptacle and two winners have been drawn by the honest hands of my two year old daughter!

Congratulations go to....... (drumroll)

FIRST PRIZE - Wins the Uke Leash, Circle Of Fifths tag (worth $22.98), and two of my ebooks of their choice.

Well done to Saskia Press of R├╝sselsheim, Germany - I will get the strap despatched ASAP and email you re the books!

SECOND PRIZE - winner of two Barry Maz ebooks of their choice goes to.....

Well done to Ken Orner from New Jersey USA - check your email inbox!

Thanks again to all who took part, and huge thanks of course go to Lori for making the strap available as a prize. Check out her site HERE. If you were unlucky I would very much recommend checking her straps out, they are great quality!

More competitions on Got A Ukulele soon!


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