Ukulele News - 3 September 2012

3 Sept 2012

Ukulele News - 3 September 2012

Sorry, I am a day late in this weeks News roundup - on account of a very busy day yesterday gigging with The N'Ukes. (more on that soon on Got A Ukulele)

So what has been happening in the uke world?

The story of how Amanda Palmer made that million dollars


Another track release from the forthcoming Jake Shimabukuro album


Not a fan of Ed Sheeran, nor did I know he played the ukulele, but if he floats your boat there is a charity sale of one of his instruments


I always enjoy interviews with George Hinchcliffe of UOGB


LP Debuts second video on the Ukulele Sessions Series


I like using the Got A Ukulele news feature to highlight groups that get a news plug. Say hello to The Bundy Flukes


Not entirely sure how a story of  "man starts to play the ukulele"  is news, but there you go..


New Fender Ukulele. Although, having tracked it down to HERE I am not entirely sure how it differs all that much from their others?

More news next week!


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