Ukulele A-Z - O and P are for....

3 Jul 2011

Ukulele A-Z - O and P are for....

Next in my series of the ukulele A to Z - this time, we look at the letters O and P.  The rest of the alphabet so far can be read at the foot of my Beginners Tips Page


The term which refers to playing a string without holding it at any fret, thereby letting it ring along the full length - this plays the note to which the string is tuned. Sometimes shown on ukulele tabs as an X or an O.


A wood very similar to rosewood, though slightly lighter in colour. Provides a slightly livlier mid-range sound than rosewood.  Most commonly used in instrument backs and sides.


A term that refers to the tuning peg that is turned to tighten or loosen the string.


The piece of wood at the top end of the ukulele neck that is wider and flatter, through which the four tuning pegs are secured.


A device that picks up the vibration in either the body of the instrument or the strings, and converts to a signal that can be fed to an amplifier.  For more information on pickups, see HERE


A style of ukulele playing where individual strings are plucked with the fingernails as opposed to strumming them.


Also known as Marquetry, purfling comprises several binding strips, laminated together to create a design often inlaid around the edge or soundhole of a uke.


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