Desperado - Ukulele chords.

26 Jul 2011

Desperado - Ukulele chords.

An absolutely beautiful song that I think works really well on the ukulele. This is in my preferred key of F which suits my voice. I dont think thats actually the key on the record, but there you are. Enjoy - Desperado by The Eagles.

(for beginners, the only chord that may fox you is that Bbm.  Its quite easy to play - the chord fingering is 3111, and is played placing either the third or fourth finger on the third fret of the G string, and then barring the  other strings at the first fret with your fore finger.  If you are struggling, just barre the C, E and A strings and dont strum the G string.)


Despe[F]rado [F7] why don't you [Bb] come to your [Bbm] senses

You've been [F] out ridin' [Dm] fences for [G7] so long [C7] now

You're a [F] hard one [F7]

I know that [Bb] you've got your reasons [Bbm]

These [F] things that [A7] are plea[Dm]sin' you

Can [Gm] hurt you [C7] some [F] how

Don't you [Dm] draw the queen of [Am] diamonds boy

She'll [Bb] beat you [C7] if she's [F] able

The [Dm] queen of hearts is [Bb] always your best [F] bet [C]

Now it [Dm] seems to me that [Am] some fine things

Have been [Bb] laid up[C7]on your [F] table

But [Dm] you only want the [G7] ones that you can't [Gm7] get [C7]

Despe[F]rado [F7] you ain’t [Bb] getting no younger [Bbm]

Your [F] pain and your [Dm] hunger

They're [G7] driving you [C7] home

And [F] freedom [F7] well that's just [Bb] some people [Bbm] talking

Your [F] prison [A7] is walk[Dm]ing through

This [Gm] world all [C7] a[F]lone

Don't your [Dm] feet get cold in the [Am] winter time

The [Bb] sky won't snow and the [F] sun won't shine

It's [Dm] hard to tell the [Bb] night time from the [F] day [C]

You're [Dm] losing all your [Am] highs and lows

[Bb] Ain’t it funny how the [F] feeling goes a[Gm7]way [C7]

Despe[F]rado [F7] why don't you [Bb] come to your [Bbm] senses

Come [F] down from your [Dm] fences [G7] open the gate [C7]

It may be [F] rainin' [F7] but there's a [Bb] rainbow above you [Bbm]

You better [F] let some[A7]body [Dm] love you

[Bb] Let somebody [Bbm] love you

You better [F] let some[A7]body [Dm] love you

Be[Gm]fore it's [C7] too [F] late


  1. Realy nice song, and relatively simple too.

    I'll give this one a go.


  2. This is beautiful - I love it. The chords sound so close to the original. It's my sister's favourite song and i'm gonna sing it to her for her birthday!

  3. Another cracking tune. Thanks. Not too difficult but sounds great.

  4. Bbm is 3111....your text says this but your numbers say 4111. Obviously a typo!


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