So, who should you watch out for on Twitter

27 Jul 2011

So, who should you watch out for on Twitter

Over the past year I have really seen how useful Twitter is as a social get-together medium for ukulele players. In that time I have seen uke builders show off their wares, groups of players make arrangements for their next uke playing session, and countless wonderful videos and photos shared by ukulele lovers.

So, if you are new to Twitter, where should you start? Well, checking out the hashtag #ukulele is a good start. For those not in the know, the hashtag suffix to a keyword is a way for people to group tweets about a certain subject together. All of my posts about the uke include the tag #ukulele. In twitter, if you search for that term with the hash in front of it you immediately get a full list of all recent tweets using the same tag.

But what about people to follow (that's the way twitter works, you follow people and their tweets become your 'timeline'). Well, obviously you should follow me and the twitter ID is @bazmaz (shameless I know), but what about others?

Well I will probably regret this and upset people I miss out (please don't be upset, I can't include all 400 people I follow!) but here are some suggestions for people to follow if you like the uke. These represent those who post regularly about the uke and you may enjoy!

@MissUkulady - say hello to Penny, one half of the organising team for the UkeJam group in Godalming. She is also a damn fine singer and all round lovely lady. I interviewed the UkeJam team on this site a while ago which you can read Here

@BalhamUkeSoc - the twitter feed of the Balham Uke club run by Matthew Gunning. Super friendly guy and also a Got A Ukulele Interview

@JoeyBug44 - Joey is a disabled uke player who only started on uke relatively recently. Despite serious health problems she has shown incredible commitment to playing the uke, and runs a blog and tweets often about her Daily Ukulele Challenge (she aims to learn something new on the uke each day). You want inspiration, you will get it here!

@hey_Ukeguys - the twitter feed of Rae Carter, whose vids I have occasionally shared on this site. I first encountered Rae online some point last year at which point I don't think he had been playing that long. He plays a Mainland like me, but what amazes me is how far he has progressed. When I first started following him he was making videos from his bedroom, but he is now in talks for a recording contract, gigging regularly and writing his own songs.

@Cursleyukuleles - had to be a mention for Darryl Cursley, an incredibly popular player in the UK uke world. Darryl is a uke builder using fine beautiful and unusual woods, all solid and simply drop dead gorgeous to look at. He also plays bass uke in the band Motherukers. Follow this twitter account and drool at the build pictures he posts.

@Laughing_Gravy - a funny guy and uke player with the band Northern Monkey. I enjoy this twitter feed as he makes me laugh (a lot) and loves his ukulele playing.

Well, they are my top tips, and to avoid upset I will probably do another more detailed post in due course recommending some more players! (so don't fret... I know who you are!)

If you are not on twitter - give it a go, you will get much from it!


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