Ukulele A-Z - Q and R are for....

26 Jul 2011

Ukulele A-Z - Q and R are for....

continuing my series of the Ukulele A to Z, this time we look at the letters Q and R

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A note that is played for one quarter of the duration of a whole note.  In 4 4 timing, a quarter note will represent one count in the the "one two three four".  Also known as a Crotchet.


The amount of moisture in a given volume of air compared to the amount it is capable of holding.  In plain English....  high humidity is sweaty and muggy! In respect of ukuleles, particularly solid wood ukes, both extreme high and low humidity can affect tuning in the best case, but can actually damage the wood of the instrument permanently by either swelling or cracking it.  You can learn more about it HERE


The repetitive beat in a piece of music.  Playing ukulele for rhythm usually means strumming it.


The first note of a scale.  A chord is named after its root note (even if, on occasion, that note isnt played)


The decorative pattern or inlay placed in a circle around the soundhole of the ukulele.  They can range from the cheap (printed or inked, or plastic inlay) to the very expensive (intricate mother of pearl inlays).  Either way, they are purely decorative.


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