Gigged with the Uke Leash

4 Dec 2010

Gigged with the Uke Leash

Further to my review of the Uke Leash last week, I have now been able to try it out "in the field" as it were.

It was a standing up ukulele session, and I had put the leash in my uke case - thought I would give it a go.

A few raised eyebrows from fellow musicians, and comments like " you dont need a strap for a uke", but frankly they were wrong.  The Uke leash makes holding the uke for extended periods a breeze.  They ukulele didnt slip or need its position adjusting, and my fretting, particularly down the neck or on more complex chords was so much easier (the reason being simple - the fretting hand is free to fret, and not worry about having to hold).

I also have found that the Uke Leash means the ukulele can be held away from the body slightly which I think helps with tone projection.

By now fellow players were more intrigued - I removed it and installed it on one of their ukes for them to have a go.  They were sold!

Thanks again Lori - brilliant product

Remember folks, I have a Uke Leash to win in my competition - very easy to enter and you could be the proud owner of one - you can see the competition and rules HERE


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