A Message to Ukulele Beginners

1 Dec 2010

A Message to Ukulele Beginners

I thought it was about time I sent a message to ukulele beginners.  When I say "ukulele beginner" I mean either those of you who have just bought a ukulele, or those who are considering buying one and are in the not sure category.

The problem / feature with blogs is that the news I post disappears down the page and slips into a black hole (not literally, it just ends up in a place that people don't go looking).

I thought however that it was important that I posted some ukulele 'road-signs' on the blog for those of you who may be visiting here for the first time.

First off - I try to always keep a log of any posts I have made that I feel fit in the beginner category.  These include tips on technique, tuning, strings and other baffling stuff.  All of those posts are helpfully collected in their own page which you can access just below the logo at the top, or by clicking HERE.

You may also be considering a purchase and wondering what I think about certain ukuleles... well, I can't say I have played every Uke (far from it) but those I have played, owned or own, you will find I have reviewed.  Those are collected on the Ukulele Reviews page above, or by clicking HERE

Aside from that - have a browse around.  On the right hand side you will find various links and features that connect to Ukulele manufacturers or other great ukulele sites I like (the ukulele community is such a friendly place, we all tend to enjoy linking to other uke sites!).  You will also find a 'label cloud' - I try to put an obvious label tag on every post and if you click on one of the words in the cloud, it will show you all posts that are tagged in that way.

Elsewhere on the top bar, we have links to tutors and clubs (I could do with more links to tutors though - If you teach ukulele, and want to advertise, do let me know and I will add you).

So the point of this thread is this - if this is your first visit, you may sometimes come here and find some funny videos (or beautiful videos) but don't be afraid to browse around, check the archive, or use the search box.  You can follow me on Twitter (bazmaz) where I post a tweet linked to every new post, or on Facebook.

This is also a big thanks because the blog is going from strength to strength...  Some stats for you!

263 posts
10 product reviews
21 beginners guides
Over 23,000 visitors so far (and climbing)

Would be delighted if you want to tell people about the blog.  If you like, choose to follow the blog (by clicking the button in the list of followers in the right hand column), or subscribe to the newsletter.  Don't worry, the newsletter isn't daily spam - every so often when I feel there are some particularly cool uke posts that need sharing, I send a short email to my followers reminding them.  That way you don't need to keep checking back!  If you are an RSS fan, then that's available on the right as well.

Anyway, thanks all, hope you enjoy, and use the Contact Me link to give me feedback.



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