Famous ukulele players - part 12 - special edition

4 Dec 2010

Famous ukulele players - part 12 - special edition

I have been running many many editions of Famous Ukulele Players, and a few of you have commented that I havent really included the obvious ones - you know, the folks who are famous for actually playing the uke as their main thing.  Well, the original plan was to list famous people who played the uke who may come as a surprise, and I think that I have listed about all I can for the time being.

So its about time I saluted those ukulele players who really helped establish the instrument - enjoy!

arthur godfrey ukulele
Arthur Godfrey

cliff edwards ukulele
Cliff Edwards (voice of Jiminy Cricket!)

george formby ukulele
George Formby - but of course!

jake shimabukuro ukulele
Jake Shimabukuro - The modern master

bill tapia ukulele
Bill Tapia

And before you mention Tiny Tim - yes yes, I know.  He played the Uke.  I think though he is also responsible for making the uke more of a joke, and his photo scares me, so he aint included ;-)

So I hope you enjoyed the series, and that you found some surprises.  Links to all previous editions shown below, and of course, if you have any new contributions that I can feature, please get in touch!


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