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8 Jul 2019

Got A Ukulele Rants - Online Reviews

Here's a subject that Got A Ukulele readers who follow the channel on Facebook probably see me going on about more than is probably healthy. Shills, marketeers and reviews that are not to be trusted. As a reviewer who strives to be totally impartial, this troubles me.

So.... I recorded the video below..

I don't want it to sound like sour grapes - it isn't. I am just GENUINELY concerned about new buyers being taken in by positivity online for reasons that are not particularly fair. Got A Ukulele will NEVER be bought, be paid (in cash or kind) to write nice things, will shill you, will act as a marketeer. I don't live in a house with hundreds of free instruments - they get sent back.  If they don't want them back they are sold to get more instruments for review and in time when that has run out of steam get given to the local school / charities.  In fact, that  is the ONLY way to offer a fair and real review. You can't fairly review something if you are being given inducements.

All that matters on this site is my own personal uncoloured opinions about instruments. Even if the brands I dearly respect send me something shoddy, I WILL say so and they know this!

Brands that choose to pay for nice words, shilling their customers are making it an unfair playing field for many other brands (new and old) and in time will destroy credibility in the market for all (themselves included). And yes, I KNOW this has always plagued product marketing. Doesn't make it right.

Now I have recorded this, lets hope this is 'therapy' and I don't need to go on about it so much. (I probably still will, because it stinks)...

Go carefully!




  1. PREACH!

    Thanks Baz. Early in my uke apprenticeship I fell for a couple of duffers, but I soon learned to look online for genuine reviews, which is how I came across you. I find it fascinating how the better I get, the less able I am to tolerate inferior tools. Two summers ago, I was perfectly content with my Kala Waterman, but this year I could no longer stand it and, influenced by you, tracked down a second hand Flea. It's twelve years old and knocks the Waterman into a cocked hat.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. On an online auction (not ebay) I recently ran across an older model of banjolele with a poor description (but good pictures) of the instrument on the auction site. I was pleased to find that you had reviewed the older 8" Duke model. I do not want the larger current 10" model. Your detailed review gave me a much better idea of what I bought. Fortunately, I can do any work the instrument might require once in my hands. So I thank you for a truthful and rather full review.

  3. You’re right - it does stink and I can imagine why you feel so strongly about it .
    It simply shouldn’t be allowed to happen , but it does and unfortunately it’s not the only example of this type of thing which is all too prevalent these days when the only thing that seems to matter is “chasing the money”.
    Without wishing to embarrass you too much here Baz it’s quite clear to me that you operate this site with a great deal of honesty and integrity. Unfortunately integrity seems to have become a dirty word which seems to have flown out the window especially where big business is concerned.
    All I can add is to say thank you for a great site and please keep up the good work which as far as I am concerned is of great benefit to us “strummers” out here.


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