Positive Grid Spark Go Amplifier - REVIEW

18 Jun 2024

Positive Grid Spark Go Amplifier - REVIEW

A long overdue 'Not A Ukulele' review for you today with a look at a little device that's had me intrigued for a while. This is the Positive Grid Spark Go Smart Amplifier.

Positive Grid Spark Go Smart Amplifier

This isn't going to be a full detailed review and much of what you want to hear on this is in the video below, but the Spark Go is the latest, and smallest in the range of smart amplifiers from Positive Grid.


You may recall me looking at their original Spark amp some time back and being rather impressed with the sound and features. The Go, remarkably, packs much if not most of that into a teeny tiny form factor with a 5 Watt speaker. That is to say the same integration with the app giving you almost endless tonal mixes of amps and effects pedals, the ability to play along to music or even just use it as a Bluetooth speaker, chord lessons, tuner, metronome and song tutorials on the app - you name it. Just in a tiny box. A really tiny box. I in fact it's impossibly cute and so small you could take this anywhere. And the build helps there as it feels solidly made with a pleasing rubberised outer to most of the case.

Positive Grid Spark Go Smart Amplifier front grille

Now, I've said before to people that I don't tend to like recommending small amplifiers with speakers that get really small. Put simply the smaller the speaker cone the less decent the sound will be regardless of volume. They have always tended to sound kind of thin and tinny to me. But.. I do realise that technology is marching on and i've seen a dizzying number of reviews and comments about just how good these sound so I had to try it out. You tell me from the video, but I think you can see i'm quite impressed and how full it sounds. That's not to say 'louder' it's still a low output, but it sounds much bigger than it is. Remarkably so in fact. No, you are not going to perform with it, but that's not really the point (and Positive Grid make larger stuff that you CAN do that with). I am not sure if that is processing power doing the trickery or the speaker layout or the intriguing ridges on the back. Answers on a postcard.

Positive Grid Spark Go Smart Amplifier back

It's a simple little amplifier that you connect an instrument to with a regular ¼ inch jack on the top into a dial that doubles as master volume. And that's it. There are no other tone or mix controls on the unit, you do that with the app. Which does beg the age old question of 'what if you don't have the app' or 'what if support for the app ceases'.. It's a good question that applies to most 'smart' stuff these days so be aware of what you are buying. 

That's not to say it won't work at all as you can still use it, turn it up and cycle through a range of four preset tones (that you can save your own settings to with the app) it's just you cant then control things like treble or effects on the unit. Elsewhere is a headphone out (though sadly, no support for bluetooth headphones), and a USB-C charging socket  which doubles as a data interface for using this as an audio input to a DAW (that's a nice thing to have). Also on the top is a separate volume control for 'music' which is either the music you are playing along to through the app, or using this as a standalone bluetooth speaker without using and instrument at all (that's another nice touch). One thing missing is a line in for playing music to jam along to in a way that bypasses the app, but I guess they WANT you on the app.  And while I am at it, I think i'd also like a regular line out too alongside the headphone level socket to allow connection to a larger amp, but...  we can't have everything.  (EDIT - apparently there is a way of switching the headphone output to a line out in the settings! )And that's it really bar the choice of two hand straps and two cover grilles in the box (cleverly, one cloth and one a tougher, harder plastic if you intend to through this in a bag with your cables and other gear).

Positive Grid Spark Go Smart Amplifier controls

Have a look at my (rambling) video to get a better feel and have a listen, but I think that for the £129 asking price it's a bit of a no brainer if you want to dabble with a plugged in sound. It's far more suited to steel strung electric uke tones than acoustic but it has a bit of that too (just nowhere near as much) but then it is a guitar amp at heart. Oh and it has options for playing bass too (though I think the speaker really IS then too small to move enough air to work that well). For other forms of plugging in though.. it's a little sweetie!

Positive Grid Spark Go Smart Amplifier speakers


¼ input
Headphone out
5W power
Rechargeable battery (USB-C charge) - 8 hours play time
Bluetooth streaming in
Customisable presets
Almost endless options on the app 30 odd amps, 40 odd effects pedals, tens of thousands of recipes to share with others on app
Jam mode (which creates drum and bass that play along with you)
Video record mode
Tuner and metronome
Chord recognition system on app (but guitar chords only)
Fewer options for acoustic players - steel strung will be laughing - but not all effects suit standard acoustics
Price: £129


Spark Go Amp
Two hand straps 
USB cable (for both charging or using as a data cable to connect as an audio interface - cool!)
Two cover grilles (one cloth, one hard plastic, presumably for putting throwing in a bag)


Ultra portable
Looks solidly made
Pretty solid tone for such a small speaker - sounds huge
Great for headphone practice (though not bluetooth)
Remarkable number of tuition features, tones and effects
Good price


Age old issue with 'Smart' stuff - how functional is it without an app by your side?
Really wish it had a bluetooth headphone option
Missing a line in option to avoid needing the app, or a line out for running to another speaker







  1. Thanks for the nice review - I love my Sparg Go with my ukuleles and my guitars. And Yes, for a Bass it just doesn't have the oomph ;) FYI - The headphones out doubles as a line out jack when you switch it to Mono in the App: https://help.positivegrid.com/hc/en-us/articles/18424387165965-Headphone-Line-Out-Settings

  2. Nice review, Barry!
    Have you tried to use the Spark Go as audio interface with the iPad?
    I once used an iRig Acoustic Stage over USB, but the signal was unusably weak. I would like to record directly to the iPad.

    1. Hadn't really thought about that as I tend to use MacBook to record - just plugged into iPad though and it is seen through Garage Band by the look of it. I have a USB iPad though - I've heard there may be some latency issues you need to workaround if using Lightning

  3. I use a summing cable to connect the headphone jack to a larger amp so I can use the app. It works a treat.

  4. You can use this with the iReal Pro app as well as the Grid app. JB

  5. Shortly after your review, I purchased one (got a good price, way below the street price) and have to say, I'm quite impressed with this tiny, but solid amp! I#m used to Yamaha THR 5A and 10 as amps at home (and sometimes in the real world), but this tiny amp does a lot for its size! It'll also be a nice companion at ukulele clubs, I think. Tried with a bass, and, yes, it's not a bass amp per se, but even with a bass, for practicing, it's not the worst option I can think of. will play around with it a lot more soon (there are ways of making most of the bass sound, even with smaller amps like this one). Glad I've come across our review (yet again ...). And I'm overall impressed with the built quality - very solid, no cheap China-stuff at all! Have to figure out working with the app to name most of it. Great review, fine product, thanks again, Baz!


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