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26 Jun 2022

Mr Mai ML-T Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

Another outing for a ukulele brand I looked at fairly recently. This is the unusual looking Mr Mai ML-T Tenor Ukulele.

Mr Mai ML-T Tenor Ukulele

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25 Jun 2022


Not a ukulele, but a request from many fans of the ukulele brand Enya who made this. My video introduction to the main features of the Enya NEXG Smart Audio Guitar

Enya NEXG Smart Guitar

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21 Jun 2022

TC Electronic Unitune Clip Strobe Tuner - REVIEW

Following on from my review of the Peterson Stroboclip for Ukulele I took a look at the TC Electronic Unitune Clip strobe tuner

TC Electronic Unitune Clip

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19 Jun 2022

Flight Nighthawk EQ-A Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

There's been a fair few Flight Ukuleles on these reviews over the years, but without getting ahead of myself, the looks of this one immediately turned my head. This is the new (ish) Flight Nighthawk EQ-A Concert.

Flight Nighthawk Concert Ukulele

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12 Jun 2022

Noah Super Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

Back again this week with a ukulele brand that has featured many times on Got A Ukulele and always done rather well. This is the brand new Noah Super Concert.

Noah Super Concert Ukulele

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5 Jun 2022

Mahalo Pearl MP3 Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

A somewhat unexpected return for Mahalo on Got A Ukulele this week - this is their MP3 Pearl Tenor Ukulele.

Mahalo Pearl MP3 Tenor Ukulele

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21 May 2022

Harley Benton Solid Uke Natural - REVIEW

Another ukulele for those in favour of plugging in to make some noise. This is the Harley Benton Solid Uke Natural.

Harley Benton Solid Uke Natural Ukulele

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14 May 2022

Mr Mai Le Petit Prince Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

A return for a ukulele brand that's had a couple of successes before on Got A Ukulele. This is the somewhat curious 'Le Petit Prince' Concert Ukulele from Mr Mai.

Mr Mai Le Petit Prince Concert Ukulele

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8 May 2022

Flight Vanguard Tenor Electric Ukulele - REVIEW

"For those about to rock..."  Got A Ukulele returns to steel strung electric territory this week with the Flight Vanguard Tenor. KERRANNNNNG!

Flight Vanguard Tenor Electric Ukulele

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1 May 2022

NFC Spruce and Cocobolo Cutaway Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

A return to the world of hand built ukuleles once again this week, and back over the water to Nicaragua. This is the NFC Spruce and Cocobolo Concert Cutaway ukulele.

NFC Cutaway concert Ukulele

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24 Apr 2022

Millar Taroko - T Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

The third outing for a fairly new ukulele brand that hasn't really put a foot wrong on Got A Ukulele. This is the Millar Taroko - T Tenor Ukulele.

Millar Taroko Tenor Ukulele

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17 Apr 2022

Donner Rainbow Series Soprano Ukulele Starter Kit - REVIEW

There have been a couple of outings for this ukulele brand on Got A Ukulele before, but this one moves to the real entry level. This is the Rainbow Series Soprano Starter Kit from Donner.

Donner Rainbow Soprano Ukulele

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10 Apr 2022

Twisted Wood SE-900C Sierra Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

A return to take a look at another ukulele from this Canadian based brand. This is the Twisted Wood Sierra Concert Ukulele.

Twisted Wood Sierra Concert Ukulele

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3 Apr 2022

Big Island Uli-C Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

Once again it's a case of a ukulele with striking yet, can I say, divisive looks. This week I am looking at the Big Island Uli-C Concert exclusive to Southern Ukulele Store.

Big Island Uli-C Concert Ukulele

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27 Mar 2022

Mahimahi MT-70Z Tenor Ukulele Review

A return to Got A Ukulele for this Italian brand who impressed me with their first outing. This goes to the top of their line with the MT-70Z Tenor.

Mahimahi MT-70Z ukulele

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