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29 Jan 2023

Bonanza Oakridge Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

Back this week with a new model from a brand that I always enjoy reviewing. This is the new Bonanza Oakridge Tenor.

Bonanza Oakridge Tenor Ukulele

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22 Jan 2023

Flight UTS-35 Ultra Travel Ukulele - REVIEW

This week it's another new ukulele offering from a brand that do anything but sit still!  This is the Flight UTS-35 Ultra Travel ukulele.

Flight Ultra Travel Ukulele

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14 Jan 2023

Mahalo Hano Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

Returning this week to a ukulele brand that was actually my first foray with the instrument (for better or worse). This is the Mahalo Hano Concert.

Mahalo Hano Concert Ukulele

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8 Jan 2023

Octopus All Solid Mahogany Soprano - REVIEW

Back with a new ukulele from a brand featured a couple of times before. This is the All Solid Mahogany Soprano from Octopus.

Octopus all solid mahogany soprano ukulele

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31 Dec 2022

Martin Smith Premium Soprano Ukulele - REVIEW

Following on from some comments just before Christmas, Got A Ukulele does keep trying to find diamonds in the rough at the cheaper end of the ukulele scale.  Could the Martin Smith Premium Soprano make my list of 'low cost recommendations'?

Martin Smith Premium Soprano Ukulele

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12 Dec 2022

The trials of being Schrödinger's Ukulele Reviewer - RANT

I'ver not written a ukulele rant for a while, and I suppose this isn't a rant, more an observation which I think I need to personally process, but also, I suppose, try to explain a bit. The trials of being Schrödinger's Ukulele Reviewer.

Schrodinger's Ukulele Reviewer

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10 Dec 2022

Flight Fireball EQ-A Baritone Ukulele - REVIEW

Got A Ukulele seems to have done a lot better lately with the 'big guns' - and so it is that I was rather excited to take a look at this. This is the Flight Fireball EQ-A Baritone.

Flight Fireball EQ-A Baritone Ukulele

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3 Dec 2022

Enya Moon 5 String Taimane Signature Ukulele - REVIEW

It's always enjoyable to get an early look at a ukulele that is causing a buzz in the marketplace. This is the brand new Enya Moon 5 string Taimane Signature ukulele.

Enya Moon 5 string Taimane Ukulele

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29 Nov 2022

Washburn Rover RO10 Travel Acoustic Guitar - REVIEW

Got A Ukulele (or is that 'Not A Ukulele') has had a bit of a break from  mini reviews of small guitars, but I'm back this week with another. The Washburn Rover RO10 Travel Acoustic Guitar.

Washburn Rover Guitar

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27 Nov 2022

Beltona Super Baritone Ukulele - REVIEW

Something very special and very different in the ukulele world this week. I'm delighted to have Beltona back on the site with the Beltona Super Baritone Ukulele.

Beltona Super Baritone Ukulele

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26 Nov 2022

A note of birthday thanks from Got A Ukulele

Got A Ukulele is thirteen years old today, so I wanted to make a video of thanks to some of the people who have made that possible.

thanks from got a ukulele

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20 Nov 2022

Fender Avalon Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

Returning with a very well known ukulele brand and one requested by a few people. This is the Fender Avalon Tenor Ukulele.

Fender Avalon Tenor Ukulele

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13 Nov 2022

Ibanez EWP14WB Piccolo - REVIEW

Back again with something that, well... I am not quite sure WHERE it fits on a ukulele site. This is the Ibanez EWP14WB Piccolo.

Ibanez EWP14WB Piccolo

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6 Nov 2022

RISA Koa Soprano Ukulele - REVIEW

A ukulele model that has been intriguing me for years this week. This is the RISA Koa Soprano!

Risa Koa Soprano Ukulele

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30 Oct 2022

Singer RT5R-CS Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

We return to very special ukulele territory again this week with a look at the new Singer RT5R-CS Tenor Ukulele.

Singer RT5R-CS Tenor Ukulele

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