Impartiality of Ukulele Reviews and the dreaded talk of money...

4 Mar 2021

Impartiality of Ukulele Reviews and the dreaded talk of money...

Just posting this here for reference. I have blogged on this topic before, but there you go. Impartiality of reviews and the subject of money and funding.

ukulele reviews funding

I put this up 'under the radar' on YouTube last night as not an easy subject to go with. But the responses were lovely, so sharing it here. As I say, have talked about this before, but I was prompted to re-iterate the impartiality point for a few reasons.. namely.....

1. One too many comments in last couple of weeks suggesting I live in a house with hundreds (if not more) free ukuleles. I don't...

2. An increase in discussions online about brands that give free ukes away in return for favourable reviews. I got involved in one such discussion and one of the brands (who shall remain nameless, but we all know the sort they are) private messaged me to say they were not happy. Not happy? Try NOT giving product away in return for reviews!! These brands will never get on the site that way and if I review one I will have bought it. Yet... seems I am guilty by association.. This is what the concept does. It makes people suspicious of ANY review. Yay.. thanks for that...

3. A comment, not aimed at me or even on a post of mine, but by a person who had taken flak for reviewing a said 'free uke' who responded with 'Baz gets free ukes all the time'. No, no, I don't... Please don't lump me in with that crowd.

The comments on the video when it went up were very kind, and yes I should rise above (and no, it's not getting me down!!) - but... it still needs to be repeated because it's important.

Also - most importantly, wanted to say a BIG thanks to the people who DO help fund the site and keep it going - and they are nothing to with the brands - the readers!

Anyway - here you go... THANK YOU!




  1. Baz, one of the things I like about your reviews is their obvious impartiality and objectivity. Ok, it’s subjective too but you acknowledge that freely. But I never feel you are pushing any particular uke at me and that’s why your site is often my starting point if I want to find out about a particular instrument. It’s also why I bought an aNueNue Moonbird online based (partly) on your review. And I wasn’t disappointed! So thanks for all you give to the uke community internationally (I’m in Australia), and please keep up the great work. Cheers. Jon

  2. I imagine most of the companies giving away free ukuleles in exchange for good reviews don't make very good ukuleles... I would never think you'd be so desperate for a cheap ukulele to add to your collection that you'd "sell out" in your reviews. It seems to me more like an exchange that would appeal to a teenage "influencer".

  3. Hi Baz! I have just read this. No. 1 had me roaring from the get-go. I bet you wish you did live in a big house with 100's of (FREE??) Ukulele's. I do! Hahahaha! It's hilarious what people 'imagine!'


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