Got A Ukulele Features - Mark Luongo

25 Mar 2020

Got A Ukulele Features - Mark Luongo

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mark luongo ukulele

Today we hear from Mark Luongo.


Mark Luongo is the eldest son of renowned ukulele educator Peter Luongo (Langley Ukulele, Mighty Uke) and a long time collaborator of James Hill. He's earned his stripes as a music teacher through 18 years of private and group lessons and has been teaching a mix of ukulele, guitar and bass via video conference since 2014.

Whether your goal is to grow in fundamental strum and pick techniques, learn more about music theory, play intermediate level instrumentals or take on sophisticated chord-melody arrangements, Mark has the skill and experience to guide your ukulele journey.

He uses a free video conferencing format called VSee that works on everything from Mac/PC to iPad/iPhone and all Android devices (the attached images showcase its interface/layout).

Please contact Mark via email for more information: or on his Facebook page at




  1. I have studied online with Mark for 6 years, first fingerstyle ukulele and now Ubass. He has a deep repertoire of materials, gears his teaching to my goals, and always challenges me to go further. I highly recommend him as an instructor.


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