Got A Ukulele Features - Jessica Bowie

26 Mar 2020

Got A Ukulele Features - Jessica Bowie

Next in my spotlight series aiming to give some exposure to ukulele related folk hit hard by the current lockdowns. Today, a word from uke performer and teacher, Jessica Bowie. As always, if you can give her some business, please do. If you can't, share this post around your friends and clubs to give her some advertising.

Jessica Bowie Ukulele

Jessica is offering a discount on her usual tuition prices for an online course - share with the uke beginners you may know! Picking up a uke for the first time when on lockdown? This could be perfect!

Beginner Ukulele Online Course with Jessica Bowie 

Learn Ukulele from the comfort of your own sofa!

10 weeks of 90 minute sessions.

Learn the following:

• How to hold your uke
• How to tune your uke
• How to read chord boxes, understand songsheets and how TAB works
• How to strum
• Basic fingerpicking
• Basic melody picking

All the learning happens in the context of a selection of popular songs, singing is optional (no one else will be able to hear you) All you need is access to the internet and a webcam, you can even use your smart phone. You don't need to download any software as this is delivered Via Zoom meeting, for which you will be sent a link to click and join the class live.

Sign up here: 

This course is 1/3 the price of the usual face to face course £2.50 per session (paid as £25) however if you are in a positon where you have lost your income please email me and we can work something out:




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