Enya EM-X1 Guitar - REVIEW

9 Jul 2019

Enya EM-X1 Guitar - REVIEW

I originally said I wouldn't put this on Got A Ukulele. Well, it's not a ukulele, it's a guitar innit? But thought it probably needed a post for posterity..

Enya EM-X1 Guitar

The Enya EM-X1 was something I have been aware of since reviewing a few of the Enya HPL ukuleles. Mainly because the construction is pretty much identical to those (HPL body, Richlite fingerboard etc).

Here are the ukulele reviews again

Enya EUC-X1M Concert Ukulele
Enya EUS-X1 Soprano Ukulele
Enya EUR-X1 Roudn Soprano Ukulele

Anyway, I liked each of those for the same reasons - very well made and a nice tone. They are a touch quiet, for sure, but have a big following of people who want a quieter practice instrument, or one for recording.

My readers regularly asked me to look at the guitar from the same family, and we managed to set something up on loan from Enya. Enjoy!




  1. Just bought the 36 inch version. For those in the USA, enya-music.com is having a sale on the X1 models of guitars and ukuleles until July 26th with free shipping. The timing of this review and the sale was the universe telling me to do it.


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