Hammering On - Ukulele Beginners Tips

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28 Apr 2015

Hammering On - Ukulele Beginners Tips

One for absolute beginners wanting to move on from basic up down strumming by adding some simple flourishes to their playing. One of the oldest tricks in the book.


  1. I am liking this new series of tips you are doing for beginners. I have seen a few more experience players doing this, and now I understand what they are doing. It really adds a lot to simple songs. Thanks.

  2. Brilliant! Simple and effective and easy enough for beginners. I am so passing this on to all my uke friends. Cheers!!

  3. My pleasure both. I never hold myself up as a teacher, but figured some simple tips that anyone should try out would be in keeping with the ethos of this blog!

  4. Mind you.. There are some who hold themselves up as being teachers and are anything but. The teachers I recommend are on the Tuition tab above.

  5. Coming from a guitar I only ever used a plectrum. So I use a plectrum on the uke. I find it so hard to get a steady strum with my fingers. It looks like your brushing up and down with four fingures or are you justin using one. Cheers

    1. Sometimes 4 sometimes less - depends on how full I want the sound to be really


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