Hive Ukulele Demo in Spruce and Rosewood - by Corey Fujimoto

7 Nov 2014

Hive Ukulele Demo in Spruce and Rosewood - by Corey Fujimoto

Been keeping an eye on the Luthier Skills of Jake Maclay at Hive Ukuleles for some time, but not really had the chance to hear one.

Cue Hawaii Music Supply and Corey Fujimoto giving one a whirl - how nice is this??

Hive - Spruce Rosewood from Hawaii Music Supply on Vimeo.

Well done Jake - super ukulele.

If you want to know more about Hive ukes - take a visit to


  1. Now if I just had an extra three grand lying around . . .

  2. Would like to know what kind of strings are on this ukulele? Dimensions of the instrument also?

  3. I'm afraid not sure Joe - can only suggest you contact Jake at Hive via his website - link in the article

  4. I heard an interview with him, he used to work for Rick Turner for many years (Compass Rose ukuleles) before branching off on his own.

    This is on my wishlist, but a Mya-Moe resonator is my next purchase.


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