Kala Uke Crazy Alligator Hard Tenor Case - REVIEW

28 Oct 2014

Kala Uke Crazy Alligator Hard Tenor Case - REVIEW

I've not done a great deal of reviewing of ukulele cases, but perhaps that is because I find that they are much of a muchness. Then the other week I took delivery of a ukulele from Kala for review and it arrived in a rather pretty looking hard case. I checked with them as to whether this came with the uke, but they advised that they used it for safe shipping, and that the case was available separately. So here we have a Kala 'Uke Crazy' brand hard shell case for a tenor uke in faux alligator skin finish (no gators were harmed in the making of this case!).

Kala Uke Crazy hard ukulele case

It just screamed at me because... well, just look at it. I say most cases are kind of the same, but I always have a soft spot for those that carry a certain kind of style. It's the reason I really like hard cases in tweed finish, but to me this one knocks those out of the park.

Kala Uke Crazy hard ukulele case name plate

The case is of plywood construction and is covered with a  plastic outer in deep purple finished with an alligator skin design. A quick word about the construction of hard cases. I always recommend them for any uke, but they do come in different degrees of protection. Under the tolex type covering on this one is nothing more than plywood and as such it is not the strongest case you will find. Don't get me wrong, that is not a complaint, I just want to be clear on what you are getting. This will certainly provide protection to your uke, but more a case of protection from knocks, scrapes and small drops. What a uke case like this will not provide is much protection from crushing. If you want to protect a prized instrument from being run over or squashed by a falling amplifier - you really need to be looking at thick ABS or fibreglass type construction. Those cases though come at a high price, and this one is available online in the $80-$90 range, so not a bad buy.

Kala Uke Crazy hard ukulele case stitching and base bumper

A look over the case shows a bunch of features I like to see on a good quality hard case - a strong riveted padded handle, strong clasps and hinges, a locking clasp, and bump and stand protection which this has on the butt and down the side opposite the handle - thus protecting the finish when you set it down on concrete.   The top and back are stitched onto the sides in yellow thread. All looks good so far.

But for me, I was REALLY taken with it when I opened it - it is filled with a deep plush padded interior in  gorgeous copper colour which I think looks wonderful. It's a minor thing I suppose, and a black padded interior would work just as well, but... you know..  (I used to own a Gibson electric guitar that came with a Gibson brand hard case. I didn't much care for the guitar and sold it with the case, but I still miss the case more than the guitar - the simple reason was that the plush padding inside was snow white and looked just stunning... Perhaps it is just me..)

Kala Uke Crazy hard ukulele case plush interior

There is neck support in the case with a pocket for bits and pieces which is good to see and there is also a strap included which hooks on to the riveted eyelets on the outside.  Finally we also have a tough looking name tag for security purposes (or just for those of you with the weird habit of naming your ukes I suppose).

So you might think it strange for me to be raving about something as simple as a case, but as I say, the look of it just took be aback. Simple as that really.

Kala Uke Crazy hard ukulele case ID tag

These are available through Kala and a range of other stores too such as Elderly and Uke Republic - and they also come in other sizes. Not sure who is stocking in the UK as yet, but any Kala dealer should be able to get hold of them if you ask nicely.

For now though - drool at the pics I guess..



  1. A few years ago I went to the Milwaukee Ukulele Festival. As I walked into the lobby, the handle on my case just separated from the rest of the case. Not wanting to carry a broken case around for the rest of the day, I went into the vendor area and purchased one of these beauties. Happy camper ever since. :O)

  2. At Omega Music, while no alligators are harmed - we are happy to threaten a crocodile, or intimidate a caiman, all at no extra cost when ordering one of these...

  3. The inside (and outside) does look sexy, it's a shame it doesn't come with more protection.

  4. Really? Provides as much protection as I think most will ever need and unless you want to spend a LOT more, not sure there is much more on the market

  5. Well I fly a fair bit with uke in tow, I probably don't need that extra protection but the peace of mind is worth it. I'm sure you're right and is enough for most people but I'd hate to find my Martin crushed.

  6. But Chris - I would never check any uke in a case like this. i'd want something substantially stronger and there lies the problem - they cost significantly more. I always take mine in the cabin.

  7. Stick a pair of googly eyes on top, and use white tape for some ferocious teeth around the 'beak', and presto... kids love it!

  8. It kindda looks like this one I bought last year - on both the insides and outsides. Different color velvet though. http://ortegaguitars.com/en/product-finder/accessory/accessory-item/show/Product/ouc-so/ouc-so/

  9. Got one recently for a baritone. Two thoughts. A Velcro type strap to hold the uke into the case would be good - for when you pick the case up having forgotten to fasten the clasps. Also, it has studs on the base, but studs on the side of the case opposite to the handle side would be good for setting it down that way.

  10. Do you think it's possible to replace the metal floor studs with plastic ones to stop scratching the floor?

  11. Plywood is the best material for instrument cases. Fiberglass and ABS look nice and fancy but they get easily crushed, whereas wood has some cushioning and won't crack. I've seen many fiberglass violin cases with major cracks, most of the time covered with tape.

    1. I would humbly beg to differ. The best cases on the planet (Calton) used by people to protect literally priceless instruments are made of fiberglass...


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