Zahra Lowzley at N'Ukefest 2014

19 May 2014

Zahra Lowzley at N'Ukefest 2014

We had to get this up and shared on Youtube as quick as we could. Zahra Lowzley performing at N'Ukefest 2014 this last weekend.

Without any doubt, this was the performance of the weekend for which she had an encore and a standing ovation. Amazingly this was her first ukulele festival, so we are so proud to have put her on stage.

Sorry about the sound - the audio is via a camera - and not from the desk. Still - this is just quite incredible I think.


And if you want to read more about Zahra - visit -


  1. The word 'Awesome' is too commonly used these days - but is totally appropriate here!

  2. OMG Baz, this talented young virtuoso and her 'magic' uke made Sparky and His Magic Piano sound like someone knocking up a shed!! What a brilliant performance. You lucky people
    And me, hundreds of years older and still trying to get my arthritic old fingers to hold down a D !!


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