Dead Mans Uke - Flaming Formby Hot Sauce - REVIEW

26 May 2014

Dead Mans Uke - Flaming Formby Hot Sauce - REVIEW

I can honestly say that when I started blogging about the ukulele, I never once thought I would find myself writing about food. Until that is UK act Dead Mans Uke came along with a gem of a merchandise idea. Flaming Formby Habenero Hot Sauce!

Flaming Formby Hot Sauce

Tim and Jake Smithies of Dead Mans Uke came up with the novel idea recently, and via the culinary skills of the Cambridge Chili Sauce Co, presented me with this bottle of Dead Mans Uke brand sauce at the last N'Ukefest.

It's made from Habanero peppers and boy, can you feel the heat. This is a HOT sauce and quite refreshing for it. I find a lot of the supermarket shelves are filled with sauces that claim they are hot, but are actually anything but. This one though has a fiery kick that will satisfy the most avid chili fan. Even the label reads,

"Dead Mans Uke cannot be held responsible for any damage or pain caused..."

Love it!

It's not all heat heat heat though, and has a fruity and slightly sweet taste too. I've had it with cheese and it goes down a treat, as it did on grilled chicken, and my wife mixed it with mayo to create a chili dip!

But on to that name and the label.  The packaging was designed by Jake Smithies of the band and features a gurning George Formby on fire..... For readers from around the globe, Mr Formby was a master of a certain style of cheeky chappie banjolele uke from some years ago, and still revered by some people over here in the UK. Readers of this site may also remember that I am not, personally, the biggest fan of the Formby style. As such, a bottle of sauce that features the burning head of said Mr F was naturally going to appeal to me in a perverse way.  And as Tim Smithies said 'Turned out hot again!'

You can pick up your bottles via the Dead Mans Uke website at and be sure to check the band out too. They absolutely rocked the crowd at N'Ukefest 2014!

Dead Mans Uke


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