I'm From Wigan Me - Ukulele Chords

15 Mar 2014

I'm From Wigan Me - Ukulele Chords

Just spotted this video and as good friends and great performers, I had to share it here to get some more traffic for the lads. Les Hilton from Chonkinfeckle teaches the chords for their track 'I'm From Wigan Me'.

I love Les' uke playing style and also got to play this myself with Chonkinfeckle's percussionist and vocalist Tim Cooke at the last N'Ukefest. We like these guys a lot so were are delighted they are playing on the evening bill of N'Ukefest 2014 too. As well as that, they are playing at this years Grand Northern Ukulele Festival and also at the second Czech Ukulele Festival.

And if you want to know how popular the song is becoming, take a look at the Chairman of Wigan Athletic Football Club singing it on TV!

Take a look at my interview with Chonkinfeckle HERE and be sure to visit their website too


ps - Les - that one from the C - its a Caug!


  1. Love the lads from Wigan! This is one of those songs I just never get tired of hearing and the danged thing makes me wish I was from Wigan too! I really like the camera angle Les used in recording his video. Really make it easy to see how he forms the chords. Absolutely love the gentleman from the Athletic Club. What a grand compliment to Chonkinfeckle!

  2. Thanks for your honest and full approach to showing us how to play this great song. A good many performers prefer not to share there secrets. All due credit to you!


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