A Special Thank You To Doc Kazoo!

12 Mar 2014

A Special Thank You To Doc Kazoo!

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will probably know a couple of things. First that the N'Ukes are holding their third annual N'Ukefest ukulele gathering in May this year, and second that Doc Kazoo is a rather wonderful chap who hand crafts wooden Kazoo's for shipping around the world.

Anyway, we are having a raffle at N'Ukefest again, being hosted by the marvellous Mary Agnes Krell, Director of the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival in Huddersfield.  The raffle (in fact the whole festival) is all for charity. We have had some great donations including ukes and other goodies (in no particular order, thanks to Noah Ukuleles, Omega Music, GNUF, The Ukulele Festival Of Great Britain, Ooty And The Cloud, Tinguitar.com, Lanikai, Peter Johnson and Moselele). But one donation was worth  special mention I thought.

You may recall my review of the Great Aswego Fatboy Performer Kazoo made by Doc, and the fact that when you order one he records personalised videos just for you of the building process (a lovely touch). Well, we knew Doc was making a kazoo for the N'Ukefest Raffle, but not TWO kazoos and some other goodies, shipping them across the Atlantic for us. And, of course, they would not be complete without his trademark videos. Check this out!


You can check out Docs work at http://www.aswegohomestead.com

And for all details on N'Ukefest go to http://www.nukefest.com

Thanks again to all those who have donated so far, and I hope to meet you at N'Ukefest!


  1. I received a custom-built aswego kazoo for Christmas. Doc Kazoo is a delightful and generous man, who altered his designs to my requirements at no extra cost. The whole process of knowing I had a craftsman creating something by hand for me on the other side of the Atlantic and keeping me up to date on progres added something very specal to the experience of buying. I don't know how he does it for the money. (And I know he reads this bog and comments - so Hi and thanks, Doc!)


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