Valentines Day Is Over - Billy Bragg - Ukulele Chords

8 Feb 2014

Valentines Day Is Over - Billy Bragg - Ukulele Chords

Another ascerbic valentines themed ukulele song for the run in to February 14th - Valentines Day Is Over by Billy Bragg for ukulele!

Billy Bragg valentines ukulele
credit - louderthanwar

I love this song, but then I love Billy Bragg and this is off the Workers Playtime LP. The song video is at the end, but generally it's a song that mixes picking and more angry strumming. Have fun. (The trick is in the chord change between the C, Em, and Am which is a quick change before each 'Valentines Day Is Over' lyric line. You may also prefer the sound of the Dm in the verses being played at a higher position than at the lower frets such as 7555.

F, C
F, G
F, C

[C]Someday [F]boy you’ll [F]Reap what you’ve[C]sown
You’ll [F]catch a [C]cold and you’ll be [F] on your [G]own
And [F] you will [C] see that what’s [F] wrong with [C] me
Is [F] wrong with [C] everyone that [Dm]you wanna play your [G] little games on

F, C

[C]Poetry and [F]flowers, [F]pretty words and [C] threats
[F]You’ve gone to the [C]dogs again and [F]I’m not placing [G] bets on you
[F]Coming [C] home tonight [F] anything but [C]blind
If [F] you take me for [C] granted then you [Dm] must expect to [G] find

Sur [F]prise sur [C]prise
[C] [Em][Am]
Valentines Day is [C]over, it’s O[F]ver[G]
[C] [Em][Am]
Valentines Day is O[F]ver[C]
[F] [C]

[G7]If you want to [F]talk about it well [C] you know where the phone is [G7]
Don’t come round rem [E7]inding me ag[F]ain How brittle [Fm] bone is…
[C]God didn’t make you an [G]angel [F]The Devil made you a [G] man
That bru[C]tality and the ec[E7]onomy are rel[F]ated now I under[Fm]stand
Oh when will you [C]realize that [E7]as above [F]so below there [Fm]is no love

[F] [C]
[C] [Em][Am]
Valentines Day is [C]over, its o[F]ver[G]
[C] [Em][Am]
Valentines Day is o[F]ver[C]
[F] [C]

[G7]     [F]    [C]
[G7]        [E7]        [F]     [Fm]

For the [C] girl with the hourglass [G] figure
Time [F] runs out very [G] fast
We [C]used to want the [E7]same things
But [F]that’s all in the [Fm]past
And[C]lately it seems that [E7]as it all gets tougher
[F]Your idea of justice just be [Fm]comes rougher and rougher

[F] [C]
[C] [Em][Am]
Valentines Day is o[F]ver[C] It’s o[F]ver[G]
[C] [Em][Am]
Valentines Day is o[F]ver[C]
[F] [C]

[C]Thank you for the [F]things you bought me [F]Thank you for the [C] card
[F]Thank you for the [C]things you taught me [F]when you hit me [G] hard
That [F]love between two [C] people must be [F]based on under[C]standing
Un[F]til that’s true you’ll [C]find your things all [Dm]stacked out on the [G]landing

Sur [F]prise sur[C]prise
[C] [Em][Am]
Valentines Day is o[F]ver[C] It's o[F] ver[G]
[C] [Em] [Am]
Valentines Day is o[F]ver
It’s o[G] ver[C]
It’s o[F] ver[C]
[G] [C]


  1. I have always loved this song and I am so grateful that you have posted the chords so I don't have figure them out by myself. Keep up the good work!!


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