Love Hurts, Gram Parsons Ukulele Chords

9 Feb 2014

Love Hurts, Gram Parsons Ukulele Chords

Continuing with some Valentines ukulele songs ahead of 14 February. This one is a really lovely tune. Love Hurts by Gram Parsons for ukulele. As usual, video at the end.

Love (G) hurts, love (Em) scars, love (C)wounds and (D7) mars
Any (G) heart not (Em) tough nor (C)strong e(D7)-nough
To take a lot of (G) pain, (B7) take a lot of (Em) pain
(G7) Love is like a (C)cloud (Am7) pulls a lot of (D7) rain
Love (G) hurts, (F) mmm, (C)mmm, love (G) hurts


I'm (G) young I (Em) know but (C)even (D7) so
I know a (G) thing or (Em) two I (C)learned from (D7) you
I really learned a (G) lot, (B7) really learnt a (Em) lot
(G7) Love is like a (C)stove (Am7) burns you when it's (D7) hot
Love (G) hurts, (F) mmm, (C)mmm, love (G) hurts 


(Em) Some fools think of (B7) happi-(Em)-ness
(B7) Blizzful-(Em)-ness, (B7) together-(Em)-ness
(A7) Some fools fool themselves I guess But they're not fooling (D7) me

I know it isn't (G) true, (B7) know it isn't (Em) true
(G7) Love is just a (C)lie (Am7) made to make you (D7) blue
Love (G) hurts, (F) mmm, (C)mmm, love (G) hurts

(G)  (Em)  (C )  (D7)
Love (G) hurts, (F) mmm, (C)mmm, love (G) hurts
(F) Ohhhh (C) Ohhhh love (G) hurts..


  1. Just found this today, what a fantastic song, I'm familiar with the Nazareth version which is how I'm playing it. I can't believe I'm the first to comment on it! Thanks for posting, stay safe.


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