A Very Ooty Christmas

23 Dec 2013

A Very Ooty Christmas

Yesterday was a lot of fun! Most of The N'Ukes grabbed their ukuleles and headed up to Chester at the invitation of Ooty And The Cloud - a great three piece band who we like. Ooty had organised a Christmas uke get together at The Compass Inn, to celebrate Christmas and to raise money for charity.

And boy, did people come - the place was packed! Ooty kicked things off with an hour long set of their own penned songs and a few covers, delivered in their unique style - ukes, bouzouki, melodica, whistles, percussion, cow bell (MORE COW BELL!!) and delightful harmonies. Oh, and a smattering of Christmas songs to get the crowd singing along. Loved it, as did the audience, made up of ukulele fans from Chester and beyond.

In attendance was Rachel Walker, the Lady Mayoress of Chester no less, who took to the stage after the Ooty set to explain a little more about the charity the day was in aid of. Adoption Matters Northwest is a voluntary charity agency with a history of finding loving families for children who, for a variety of reasons, cannot live with their birth families. A very worthy cause I am sure you will agree.

The N'Ukes then took to the stage (minus our drummer - which meant we played at turbo speed!) to play through a few of our rockier numbers. Was great fun and seeing the Lady Mayoress of Chester singing along to Highway To Hell was extremely cool.

Then on to the singalong section of the afternoon - ably led by Stephen from Ooty, they had song sheets and words up on the large TV in the room and the whole place singing along. The massed ranks singing Tom Jones' 'Delilah' were enough to drown out any instrument!

Sadly we had to then depart, but I know there was then much more playing and further performances on stage, a raffle and lots more fun to be had. I think the band were not sure what to expect from the day, but the numbers in attendance should tell them all they needed to know. Lot's of fun. Same time next year?

Ooty And The Cloud

Adoption Matters Northwest


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