N'Ukefest 2013 - The Thank You Post!

3 Jul 2013

N'Ukefest 2013 - The Thank You Post!

Well the buzz surrounding our ukulele get together in Cheshire on 20-21 July is really building, proving this to be the place to be for ukulele players in North West UK (and beyond!) this summer!

Our events page is  at https://www.facebook.com/events/459833000751642/ where you can keep up to date with arrangements, but the point of this post is to say thank you. It's free to attend and located at the very pretty Shady Oak Pub in Tiverton, nr Chester.

Recently, friend of The N'Ukes Mary Agnes Krell agreed to help us host a raffle in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. And what a job she has done. The prizes are absolutely superb and the generosity of those donating has really taken us aback.

First up is a marvellous handmade Brazillian Mahongany ukulele by Rob Collins of Tinguitar.com . This is an incredible prize and the N'Ukes don't mind admitting being jealous of not being able to enter!!

Here is the uke in question!

Rob Collins N'Ukefest ukulele prize

Next up, something else which will generate a LOT of interest. Doc Kazoo of the Great Aswego Kazoo Factory has given us one of his premium UkeZoo kazoos as a prize, all the way from Florida USA. You may recall I reviewed one of his Kazoo's very highly on this site. I love that kazoo, and this one below looks even better!

Great Aswego UkeZoo N'Ukefest prize
You will see it comes with all accessories, a velvet carry bag and it's even ukulele shaped! You can read more about his instruments HERE 

And there's more. Courtesy of the good guys at http://www.southernukulelestore.co.uk, we are giving away an SUS branded concert ukulele - in fact one I reviewed on this blog a while ago. Here is the uke!

SUS brand ukulele prize for N'Ukefest

We also have goodie bags courtesy of Ohana Ukuleles, Living Water Strings from Ken Middleton handmade ukulele accessory by the very lovely Danielle at  Ivy Arch, and CD's and a bottle of something tasty from the good guys that are Chonkinfeckle. All that plus some N'Ukes shirts, stickers, badges etc.

Thank you SO SO much to all who are involved.

What's not to like! Raffle tickets will be sold through Saturday and Sunday and the draw takes place Sunday afternoon. Come along and help us make a good total for Macmillan!

See you there!


  1. Belting Barry! The ukulele community coming up trumps yet again! We can't compete with the big boys, but we'd like to donate a nice bottle of something strong ;) and a few Chonkin CD's if thats ok ?

  2. That would be really kind guys! Will make sure we mention you!

  3. DANG!!! Wish I could enter that raffle. What a great group of prizes. WELL DONE to N'NUKES and those who contributed!


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