N'Ukes mini ukulele fest!

19 Sept 2012

N'Ukes mini ukulele fest!

Last call!

This weekend the Nantwich N'Ukes are hosting a dry run, or a bit of a tester, for a ukulele weekender in the north west of UK.

We really like the idea of a (free) get together of ukulele clubs and others who just like to play so made arrangements for a last minute do at the Shady Oak Pub in Tiverton near Chester, Cheshire UK.

Nantwich N'Ukes ukulele festival

We start at about 12.30 in the afternoon on Saturday 22nd, and look forward to an afternoon of playing around the tents / pub with friends and uke fans - want to do a set or a spot - just let us know!. On the evening of the 22nd, the Nantwich N'Ukes are doing a full set in the pub from 9pm.  Thereafter, slope of to bed / tent and more strumming the next day.

As I say - this one is a tester - if we get a good reaction and please the pub, we hope to put on a fuller and bigger event next year. As such, your support is needed!  If you can turn up - even for a short time - please do so!

Fuller details on our events page HERE


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