Ken Middleton reviews a Rob Collins

9 May 2012

Ken Middleton reviews a Rob Collins

Sounds like a cocktail.  Sorry, not being serious - I love Ken Middletons ukulele reviews - the man knows his stuff and he plays like a dream.

Here he is playing a uke made by UK luthier Rob Collins who builds under the name of Tin Guitar. It's a beautiful looking uke, a beautiful sounding uke, a beautifully played uke and you get the bonus of Kens wise words.



  1. Nice review Ken - I know Rob from his 'biscuit tin' ukes and mandolins, and through Haworth Ukulele Group (HUG). I had heard that he was making wood ukes - first review I've seen of his work - I wonder if I can afford one similar. Sounds great ...


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