aNueNue tuner APP - REVIEW

10 May 2012

aNueNue tuner APP - REVIEW

Had to share this with you - we all love a ukulele bargain. Uke maker aNueNue have released a new tuner app for the iPhone (and iPod Touch and iPad) - and best of all, it's FREE!

anuenue tuner app screenshot

It's a really simple affair with only two main settings. In the "All Notes" setting, you get a chromatic tuner that works with any note, and in the middle setting, "Ukulele C" you get a tuning that recognises standard GCEA tuning, and when you pluck recognises the string number as well as the note. To be honest, I am not sure whether this is really needed, and if they felt it was needed, why not put a D tuning option in?  The third option is basically just a link to the aNueNue site.

Anyway - the app works by using the device microphone to listen to your instrument (nb - older iPod Touch users will need to use a microphone from the earpiece to work it). You pluck the string, the needle registers the note on a bright rainbow dial. When in tune the green light comes on, when its not, it's one of the red lights either side.

anuenue tuner app

It claims it is accurate to plus or minus 1% (which I think is unlikely) but it does work, and works well. It picks up my plucking quickly, and most of all it's free so why not download it?

(Note - this is one of those apps designed mainly for iPhone - whilst it works on iPad it runs in that smaller window that iPhone apps use - still perfectly useable though.)

You can get it from the App store here - aNueNue tuner app


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