Ukulele A to Z - U and V are for

22 Jan 2012

Ukulele A to Z - U and V are for

Continuing my series of the Ukulele A to Z, this time we move to the letters U and V.  Earlier editions of Ukulele A-Z can be found on the beginner tips page.


The term given to a strum that starts at the bottom of the uke and moves upwards, from string 1 (A) to string 4 (G)


On a traditionally shaped ukulele, the upper bout refers to the top "bulge in the body, around the sound hole, and nearest to the end of the neck.


A thin slice of wood glued on to another piece, usually to provide a decoration or improved finish.  Laminated ukuleles often have a prettier outer veneer to give the instrument an improved look. Veneers are also used to add details such as around sound holes, or on the face of the headstock.


A shimmering or wobbling of a ringing note or notes, usually created on a ukulele by quickly rocking the fretting finger up and down within the fret spacing whilst the note is ringing.


The arrangement of the notes of a chord, or the placement of the notes of a melody within a progression

More A-Z soon!


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