Ukulele A - Z - T is For....

15 Dec 2011

Ukulele A - Z - T is For....

Been a while since I have continued my series of Ukulele A-Z for the beginner, and this time we turn to the letter T.

(The rest of the A-Z is on the Beginner Tips Page)


A system of music notation for stringed instruments used as an alternative to sheet music.  In tablature the notes appear as numbers representing the fret position on a set of lines representing the strings. Read more about Tab notation Here


A thin strip of wood on the base of the instrument where the two sides of the body meet.


The second largest in the standard ukulele family, usually tuned GCEA or DGBE and with a 17" scale length.


The term given to the flat top of the body of the ukulele that holds the bridge and sound hole.  The term " solid top" refers to a wood used that is a thin slice from a single piece of wood as opposed to a laminate of several thin strips.


To change the key of a piece of music by a specific interval


A three note chord.


One of two things! Most commonly the pegs (either geared or friction) attached to the headstock of the instrument around which the strings are wrapped. Turning the tuners tightens or loosens the strings allowing them to be tuned to pitch.  Also refers to a device used to check the tuning of the instrument electronically.


A synthetic material based on bone or ivory used in the bridge saddle, and in some cases, the nut.


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