Creep - Ukulele Chords - Radiohead

4 Nov 2011

Creep - Ukulele Chords - Radiohead

The massively popular Creep by Radiohead is also deceptively simple on ukulele.

The chords below are in line with the recording, but personally I prefer to play in a different key as on the ukulele I think the transitions sound more resonant and "sadder".  If you want to play my way, just replace the repeating chord progression with C, E7, F, Fm. In fact that is the way you will hear me play it on all my ukulele review videos!

CREEP - Radiohead

When you were here [G] before
Couldn't look you in the [B] eye
You look like an [C] angel
Your skin makes me [Cm] cry

You float like a [G] feather
In the beautiful [B] world
I wish I was [C] special
You're so very [Cm] special

But I'm a creep [G]
I'm a wierdo [B]
What the hell am I doing here [C]
I don't belong here [Cm]

I don't care if it [G] hurts
I wanna have control [B]
I wanna perfect [C] body
I want a perfect [Cm] soul

I want you to [G] notice
When I'm not [B] around
You're so very [C] special
I wish I was [Cm] special


She's running [G]out the
door [B]
She's [C] running out, she
Run [Cm] run, run, run

Run [B]
Run [C]

Whatever makes you [G] happy
Whatever you [B] want
You're so very [C] special
Wish I was [Cm] special

then end with

I don't bel [G] ong here 



  1. I love the song and the way you play it. Would you mind sharing the picking pattern?
    Thank you!

  2. Yes, there's a video showing how it's played on my YouTube channel

    1. Hi Barry.. I actually posted that question after watching it on YouTube LOL. It's kind of hard to tell exactly, after watching it this morning on the computer I'm thinking it is
      G&A pinch then E string then G-A-G-A. While going up to 7th fret. Still not sure how many beats.
      I also think after watching your face for an hour this morning, in slow motion, that you're really nice guy.! LOL don't worry,i was mostly watching your fingers. :)

  3. Told you I wasn't a good teacher Kit! I think the best way to descibe the run when I pinch the G and A - listen to the words of the lyric - it kind of follows up in time with the bounce of the lyrics. I'm no good with beats and tend to play from feel rather than transcription.. Sorry!

  4. I disagree.. you're an excellent teacher. And you very patiently repeat things you just didn't happen to mention the right hand on the way up. I'm sure it's obvious to others but I am a newbie :-)

    I will take your advice and compare with the lyrics but I'm thinking it's not set in stone and you seem to just brush down the G string and brush up the A,instead of an actual pattern of plucking.

    Thank you so much for answering and teaching this stuff. :)

  5. I had to really think about what I am doing there - I am actually picking the G on the way up, but softly - the A string is so dominant, being high, that is the string that needs to stand out to fix the melody line. The G is really just adding a bit of background

  6. Thank you..I okay now I see that!
    BTW I brought up YouTube on my TV and put " Radiohead Creep ukulele" in search. I watched every single one and your rendition was the absolute most beautiful!

    You're so very special!

  7. Okay I think i'm getting it now problem. You didn'the sing the " run " parts(nor will I ever!) So not sure which chords go in those spots. I'mean sorry for being such a pest!
    Any idea?

  8. Exactly the same chords in that section - the difference being, I tend to strum that part harder.

    This was my old band performing it in this style - hope this helps more

  9. What? That's you? Newfound respect here! I don't know why that did not show up when I was doing my search on YouTube. But it's beautiful and so is your voice. And yes it did help me a lot and just made me fall even more in love with that song.

  10. Old uke band - we broke up some time ago. Yep - that was me!


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