Ukulele A-Z - M is for

24 May 2011

Ukulele A-Z - M is for

Continuing my series of the Ukulele A to Z, this time we look at the letter M (all my other entries on the A-Z can be seen on the Ukulele Beginner tips page HERE )


The term given to tuning pegs that work using a gearing system to turn the string post.


A commonly used wood used in ukulele manufacture - dark, bright yet warm sounding and gives a good volume.  Often comes with an attractive grain pattern.


A combination of the first, third and fifth notes of a scale played at once.


A succession of notes played one after the other - creates the tune for a piece of music.


A device that creates an audible clicking sound that can be set to any beat to assist with timing of a musical piece.


To change key within a piece of music


A material made from the glossy inside of shells used for making fret markers, binding and decorative trims on a ukulele.


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