Ukulele A-Z - I is for....

19 Apr 2011

Ukulele A-Z - I is for....

Continuing our series of the ukulele A to Z, this time the letter I.


The name given to the fret markers on the ukulele fingerboard. Most commonly simply white dots, but often can be styled into other shapes or patterns on more expensive instruments. Beginner instrument inlays are usually made of plastic, but more expensive ukuleles have inlays made of mother of pearl or a similar substance.


The distance between two notes.


The ability of your instrument to play and hold the correct note. This usually refers to the accuracy of the ukuleles construction, and the ability for each fret, when fretted to sound the correct note for their position (ie not either sharp or flat). A bad setup or a badly made instrument will provide poor intonation, and a bad sound. The simplest check if you have no tuner to hand is that each string played open should sound the same note one octave higher when played at the 12th fret.


Structuring a chord with a note other than the root as the lowest note.

And you can find the rest of the A-Z, from A to H at the end of the links on my Beginners tips page


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