Ukulele ebook published!

18 Jan 2011

Ukulele ebook published!

I am pleased to announce that my ukulele ebook, titled "What Ukulele Players REALLY want to know" is published in ebook format.

what ukulele players really want to know ebook

I have been toying with this idea for a while now, and for the past few weeks have been collating, expanding and re-writing a host of beginners guides for people to download and read on their ebooks.  It's a book aimed at absolute beginners that tries to break away from the rigid rules of the normal tuition books and answers questions those guides just dont deal with.

The idea is that it becomes a resource that is always available, when the internet is not around.

I have also added a useful glossary section and reference guide.

For those of you with an Amazon Kindle:

if you dont have a Kindle, its available for other e-readers, pdf etc at SMASHWORDS

Reviews appreciated!



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