Stephin Merritt confuses US TV

18 Jan 2011

Stephin Merritt confuses US TV

I don't know if I have said, but I ADORE Stephin Merritt.  If you dont know his work, get hold of any music by a band called the Magnetic Fields.

Now, Stephin plays the uke (though that's not the reason I like him, liked his band before I picked uke up) but he also has a kind of, erm, dark sense of humour.  He is a genuinely nice guy, but you have to know how to read him.  He certainly doesn't strike me as someone who plays up to sycophancy.

Anyway, a blog follower forwarded me this video, which is one of those that you wince when you watch.  That said, it's the dumb interviewer who is the butt of this particular exchange.  Wonderful uke piece at the end too.

One of my favourite uke videos of all time.


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