A Ukulele is for life, not just for Christmas

26 Dec 2010

A Ukulele is for life, not just for Christmas

Well folks, I have, perhaps understandably, seen a big increase in my visitor numbers now that Christmas is here - I can only put that down to the increasing popularity of the Ukulele, which has got to be a good thing (point 1 - you have made a good choice if you are new to the uke!)

Then it struck me though - many folks may struggle to get the help they need with the uke.  No instrument is 100% easy to learn, and patience is required...  I then started to worry about those potential abandoned instruments at Christmas time, those ukes that get thrown to the floor in frustration, or left in a cupboard to gather dust.  Now that just aint on - the ukulele is an instrument that just keeps on giving and new players need help.

There is a wealth of support, tuition and guidance on the internet - if you have a scroll down the right hand side of this blog, you will find some of my favourite links, and you should check them out.  There is of course this blog (but of course) but then if you are reading this, you knew that!  This blog started as a guide to beginners and bit of a marketing push for the ukulele but has developed.  At the top of the blog you will find pages linking to tuition, clubs and societies, but also you should check out my beginners guide page HERE.  That page contains quick links to all the guidance notes I've prepared on the ukulele and I am sure you will find many of your questions answered.

Have a read, get on the internet and download yourself some basic songs (songs that YOU like, not songs that the books tell you to learn) - but keep it simple - don't figure you will be able to fingerpick "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" on day one - try a 2 or 3 chord song that you know well and enjoy.  Build up from there, and look forward to a lifetime of ukulele.

Any help I can give - get in touch via the blog

Good luck, Merry Christmas and Happy New Uke Year


  1. Nice. Wish I'd known about your blog when I'd just started.

    Great links btw!

    Happy xmas.


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