A belated well done to my mate Rae

28 Dec 2010

A belated well done to my mate Rae

One thing you will find if you have just got yourself a ukulele for Christmas, is that the worldwide ukulele community is a brilliant thing.  I have played music for many years, and dearly love playing guitar, but find that those communities can get a bit aggressive.  Not once have I found that with the ukulele, so whether you plan on sharing your ukulele passion on Facebook, Twitter, or via excellent forums like Ukulele Underground you will only find the nicest people - nice people play ukes - its a happy instrument!

Anyway, in my space on Twitter I hooked up with Rae Carter, a fellow uker, and also a member of Ukulele Underground - he has been playing ukulele for a fairly short space of time, and also plays a Mainland like me.  What staggers me about him is how much effort and dedication he has put in during that period, leading to him getting proper ukulele gigs.  He fairly recently did his first proper live slot.  He's since had interest from a promoter and I wish him all the best for 2011.

Well done dude!


  1. Hi mate thanks for that out of the blue that was very kind. I'm on www.youtube.com/raecarter82 if anyone wants to subscribe im a prolific uploader ;-) my uu username is also raecarter82 thanks again mate

  2. Natural performer, your mate.

    Nice one.


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