Famous ukulele players - part 5

8 Nov 2010

Famous ukulele players - part 5

Part five of the long running series, this one is a biggie and some surprising ones too!

ade edmondson ukulele
Adrian Edmondson

stephen tyler ukulele
Stephen Tyler (Aerosmith)

benny hill ukulele
Benny Hill

tony blair ukulele
Tony Blair - yes really!

bruce springsteen ukulele
Bruce Springsteen

buster keaton ukulele
Buster Keaton

chas dave ukulele
Chas and Dave (both of them!)

cyndi lauper ukulele
Cyndi Lauper

eric clapton ukulele
Eric Clapton

frank black ukulele
Frank Black (Pixies)

harry hill ukulele
Harry Hill

holly hunter ukulele
Holly Hunter

joni mitchell ukulele
Joni Mitchell

jamie oliver ukulele
Jamie Oliver

The list is growing - any contributions, just email me

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