Making your own Ukulele song sheets

19 Oct 2010

Making your own Ukulele song sheets

I was browsing today, as I am looking at a way of creating my own ukulele song sheets for friends that include the actual ukulele chord boxes.

I've done this before using jpg images but its a bit cumbersome.

A friend pointed me towards the Uke Farm site HERE which has a wealth of resources.

On that page they host the little gizmo called Chordette which uploads a massive range of ukulele chord boxes into a font on your system that you can access with keystrokes (or copy and paste from the handy application it comes with)

chordette ukulele fonts

Its all available for download HERE and I'm going to give it a go.

They also look for donations as this is freeware - I'm a big believer in donating what you can so people like this will continue to develop great stuff.


  1. How do you install Cordette on windows?

  2. Good Question, I cant figure out how to put it on my computer running Windows XP

  3. Sorry - very old post on Got A Ukulele. It's no longer supported on Windows, only Mac - sorry

  4. It works on Windows again, I just installed it on two Win7 systems.


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