Going to upgrade my Fluke ukulele

20 Oct 2010

Going to upgrade my Fluke ukulele

Since posting my extremely positive review of the Fluke ukulele, I got to wondering about upgrading it with a pickup.

Now, yes yes, I know, you can get the Flukes from the manufacturer with pickups installed, but I bought my Fluke uke used and it's just acoustic.

I bit of Googling tells me that you can get Flukes with an internal pickup made by K&K called the Big Shot. Because the Fluke has a one piece molded saddle / bridge, a typical under saddle piezo pickup is not possible, so the K&K works because it's a contact pad stuck on the underside of the soundboard inside the ukulele.

Shopping around my next problem was finding one in the UK. I then found the rather nice site called JP Guitars that stock them (amongst a great range of other goodies)

They are found here, and Jon is super polite and helpful and gets a huge thumbs up from me!
http://www.jp-guitars.co.uk/. He's prompt on email replies and prices are good.

It will arrive soon, but the tricky bit will be installing it internally. It's do-able but going to be fiddly. It will also involve drilling a hole in the side of my ukulele! (gulp!!). I will be photographing the install and will be blogging it for others thinking of doing the same!

Wish me luck!


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