In memory of John Lennon - Imagine ukulele chords

9 Oct 2010

In memory of John Lennon - Imagine ukulele chords

John Lennon would have been 70 today. In his memory (as the Beatles nut I am) I spent yesterday evening figuring out the chords to Imagine - strangely, a song I had never tried on the uke before.

As I have said before, I refrain from publishing lyrics on this site as some fellow uke playing bloggers have been stung with copyright issues.  I'm sure you know the words though, so can help you out with the chords below.

For the verses, the opening lines "Imagine there's no heaven" etc are just chords C and F repeated.

For the final lines of the verses "Imagine all the people, living for today....", the chord progression for that line is F, Am, Dm, F, G (give it a strum, it will make sense)

You then return to the second verse repeating C and F again.

For the Chorus "You may say I'm a dreamer", and the next two lines, the progression is F, G, C, E7

For the final line of the chorus "And the world will be as one" its just F, G, C, then back to the final verse.

Its very simple really, easy chords too.  Give it a go.

Happy birthday John.


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